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Custom OEM Builds

custom oem builds

We can partner with your OEM facility build control systems, we can build your design, we can help with your design, or we can do the design and maintain the documentation. We currently work with many different industries, we work with the lumber processing industry, we work with the amusement industry, we work with the chemical safety shower industry, and we work with the Semi-Conductor Equipment manufacturing industry.

Design Services

  1. We can do everything from updating and maintain already existing designs, to creating new designs that are customer owned.
  2. We can manage the revision control, and we can assign and maintain BOMs for each part number.

Panel Building

  1. We can set up contract pricing for regular builds, or we can provide quick turn quotes for more custom type OEM builds.
  2. If a quick turn is needed on the build we can handle that, we have a working relationship with our vendors such that we are able to get parts in house quickly, and we can then turn around and build the panels in an expedited mode.
  3. We are more than willing to work with your needs on a stocking option, we can either stock parts or complete assemblies based on the mutually agreed on arrangement.