Electrical Apprenticeship Vancouver, Wa

Electricians have very important jobs: they help keep the world wired, lit, and up and running, so people can continue to live and work without interruption. Becoming an electrician is something that is highly specialized, however, and it requires training and education that takes several years. To become qualified, electricians begin their career completing an electrical apprenticeship. Apprentice programs help electricians hone their skills, giving them important and necessary on the job training.

What is an electrical apprenticeship?

An electrician apprentice is a professional and a student at the same time. This is a paid position and the goal during the apprentice program is to build up their experience and skills to ultimately become an independent electrician. By working with a professional electrician organization, individuals can complete classwork at the same time as getting real work experience. Apprentice programs usually take several years to complete.

What kind of work is completed during an apprenticeship?

The apprentice completes a variety of different electrical projects during this time with the goal of gaining knowledge and experience with a wide variety of common electrical problems. The person works alongside a journeyman or master electrician to complete the jobs in homes, businesses, or other industrial settings. The apprentice might install wiring systems, assess blueprints and electrical diagrams, replace breakers or transformers, troubleshoot home wiring issues or other malfunctions, install conduits, or dig for underground installation.  

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