Energy-Saving Light Control with Lutron

Lutron-roomRegulating the amount of light that your home uses both conserves energy and allows you to create the ambiance you desire. What’s a home without a relaxed mood that supports your family’s activities, from daytime projects to evening sharing over a meal?

 With Lutron systems, comfort and practicality unite to create a space that adapts to your changing needs and is custom-suited to your lifestyle.

Your personalized option

Lighting control is the ability to adjust the level and quality of light in your space to suit a particular situation or task. Proper light regulation gives you just the right amount of illumination to support your activities without running over on your electric bill.

However, in this modern age of the on-and-off switch, there is little room for subtlety, until now. The Lutron light control system combines the use of dimmers and shades to modify internal lighting fixtures and daytime natural lighting, all to optimize the lighting settings in your home.

Why dim?

No day is the same in your home, and your use of lighting should reflect your needs in the moment. Dimmers allow you to adjust your lighting choices to suit your specific needs, and take up no more energy than what you require.

Get shady

The Lutron system is far from a one-trick pony, and electric lighting regulation is only half the story. Managing the amount of daylight that enters a space is just as essential as regulating lighting fixture output. By combining shades with dimmers, the Lutron system creates an ideal balance between two sources of light that allows you to create your desired atmosphere while conserving energy and saving money.

Pulling it all together

What makes Lutron different from the self-activated system of switching on lights and pulling down shades by hand, you ask? Lutron light management systems include daylight sensors that automatically adjust shades and overhead lights to allow for beautiful light that is well-suited to your space.

Concerned about forgetting to switch off the light when you leave the room? Occupancy sensors make sure that your shades are never left on when you are not using a room, a feature which dramatically reduces the amount of wasted energy in your home.

Lighting system for every function

Looking for a system that allows for more complex lighting settings in every room? The RadioRA® 2 stores personalized settings for multiple lights, and allows you to fully tailor your lighting strategy in any and every room of your house. This system can be programmed to change settings at different times of day to suit your changing needs.

Other systems that interweave ambiance with security and safety include HomeWorks®, which works in conjunction with your home’s security system to switch on every light in your home if an intruder gains access to your space.

Another benefit of the RadioRA® 2 is that your system can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone. These devices make your online applications available to you at any time, anywhere in the world, and your home lighting system is now accessible using this technology. You The Homeowner can adjust timed events and temperature settings even if you are away on vacation or stuck at the office. The freedom provided by RadioRA® 2 systems is exceptional and unmatched for trustworthy, convenient management of your home environment.

Lutron systems are designed to work functionally with your home to create a space that is well-lit, safe, and enjoyable. Interested in learning more about these many lighting options? Give Prairie a call today!

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