It’s spring in Portland and Vancouver! Trees are flowering and you may be inclined to wear a lighter jacketoutside or open your car windoSave money by unpluggingw as you cruise along the highway.


While temperatures remain cool, warm weather is slowly on its way, and even small changes can affect the way you use energy in your home. Looking to save on your electric bill as winter transitions to spring and still maintain a comfortable equilibrium? Consider the following tips:


Boost Thermostat Efficiency


The way you manage temperature change in your home can have a huge impact on your energy bill. While you may still need to crank the heat on cold or windy days, warming temperatures allow for reduced heating. If you have a thermostat in each room, consider which spaces you use most and heat only those areas, saving energy in less-used areas.


Programmable thermostats can be especially helpful, allowing you to program your home to remain cool while you are out of the house and warm up when you return home and need the temperature adjusted. It can be helpful to program your thermostat to increase in temperature before you get home, so you’re not tempted to turn it up even higher than you need, in response to the cool outdoors.


Spot Ventilate

Everyone knows what it’s like to walk into a condensated bathroom after someone has taken a shower or bath. Yuck. In order to reduce that muggy atmosphere quickly, many people open a window and allow the fog to clear. However, doing so can cool indoor temperatures and trigger your thermostat. Instead, use a fan, vented to the outside of your home, to spot-ventilate areas like bathrooms and kitchens, reducing the need for compensatory energy use.

Prevent Air Leakage

Cracks and small openings in your home’s exterior can create a continual flow of cool air into your home, increasing the need for heating. Sealing these leakage points can help prevent your home from cooling without your control and also keep your thermostat from triggering unnecessarily. Caulk or weatherstripping are excellent options for sealing air leaks around your doors and windows. Never used sealant before? There are several videos available on Youtube that can quickly and easily show you how to accomplish this task, including this one.

Spring is a tricky time for homeowners. While the weather is warmer, there may still be cold days or weeks during which heating is required. In order to reduce your energy expenditure and enjoy the best possible weather, consider the above tips, and call Prairie Electric if you have any questions!