Why Is My Smoke Detector Chirping?



If you have a chirping smoke detector, it is most likely driving you crazy. The good news is it’s typically a battery that needs to be changed, which is a fairly straightforward process. However, if it isn’t a battery, then there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot your beeping detector. Here’s what to do when your smoke detector is keeping you up at night or chirping over important dialogue in your latest Netflix binge watching session.

First, Change the Battery

Find a ladder and a buddy to keep the ladder steady if your ceilings are particularly high. Depending on your smoke detector model, you may need to remove the entire unit or simply  open the door on the detector to access your battery. (Most detectors use a 9 volt battery, but of course, this is something that should be checked before changing the battery). Remove the battery, and hold the reset/hush button to reset the detector.

Replace the old battery and press the “test” button on your detector. If your smoke alarm was chirping because of a low battery, the alarm should sound briefly, letting you know the new battery is good to go, and you don’t need to take any further steps. If the alarm does not sound, try a different battery. If a second new battery doesn’t work, and you have a fairly new model of a smoke detector, you may need to reset the unit.

I’ve Replaced the Battery and it’s Still Chirping

Sometimes after you’ve changed the battery, the smoke detector may not register the new battery. To fix this, you’ll need to completely reset the smoke alarm. To do so, head to the circuit breaker and turn of the power in the room your smoke detector is located in, then head back in to your problematic smoke alarm. Unhook the detector from its bracket and unplug its power supply.

Remove the battery and press down and hold the test button for approximately 20 seconds. Put the new battery back into the smoke detector, plug in and reattach the smoke detector to its bracket. Turn the power back on from the circuit breaker. The alarm should chirp once more, but the repeated beeping shouldn’t.

When Nothing Seems to Work

If your smoke alarm continues to chirp after you’ve tried every solution, you may need a new smoke detector. If your smoke detector is over 10 years old, it’s definitely a good idea to get a new one. If you need help installing your smoke detector, or have questions about your home smoke alarm system, call Prairie Electric today.