Become a Vancouver electrician with debt-free education

A Vancouver electrician working in a panel shop at Prairie ElectricOne of the most common measures of a person’s overall success is how much education they’ve received in their lifetimes. But what about all that student debt that follows countless college graduates for years or even decades after they’ve graduated? Some young people will likely spend half their lives or more paying back their student loans. However, there are other options, such as becoming a Vancouver electrician. 

Electrician career training & education

Skilled trades offer high salaries and great benefits without crippling debt. Electricians in particular enjoy higher wages than other trades, such as those of a construction worker or plumber. And the education you need to become a licensed electrician won’t leave you sinking in thousands of dollars in debt. In fact, plumbing apprenticeships allow you to learn on the job and receive a decent salary while you undergo on-the-job training.

Prairie Electric will pay for your education if you choose to complete an apprenticeship with us. You’ll receive quality, on-the-job training from expert electrical technicians with years of experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and even emergency services. From internal home wiring to industrial motor control, Prairie has the tools and experience to tackle any electrical services that are needed.

Vancouver electrician salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for electricians was $52,720 in May 2016. When first starting out as an apprentice, it’s common to make 40 to 50 percent of what a fully trained electrician makes. That being said, even while being new to the job and learning through experience, apprentices can still expect to make money while receiving their education, rather than losing thousands of dollars in student debt with a traditional college education.  

In addition, a Vancouver electrician in Washington state makes more money than average national salary for electricians. For example, electricians employed in the Vancouver and Portland metro areas make nearly $10 more per hour on average compared to the national hourly wage for electricians.

Become a Vancouver electrician with apprenticeship 

Just graduated high school and are unsure what to do next? Or, maybe you’ve worked for years in one industry and now are looking to make a career change. Whatever your professional history, those with the right skills can become successful electricians. Prairie Electric pays for your apprentice electrician training – and offers a salary while you learn on-the-job. To learn more about becoming an electrician, or if you need electrical repairs or installation, contact Prairie Electric today.

Interested in a good-paying job in a growing industry and want to work in an encouraging work environment? Prairie Electric looks forward to hearing from you.




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