You’ll Never Guess What We’re Up To In Our Lighting Design Department

3D-modelingAt Prairie Electric, we provide much more than just household electrical repair.

When businesses or homeowners are seeking the perfect lighting design to set the mood in an eatery, office, or industrial facility, they contact our engineering team to create 3D lighting models. By creating an exact replica of your space on one of our computers, we can show you exactly how the lighting fixture you are interested in will affect your space.

What does this process involve? How can lighting engineers know exactly how lighting will function in my space before the fixtures are installed?

How 3D Modeling Works

Our 3D modeling technicians take into account every aspect of your indoor or outdoor setting. We have designed appropriate lighting for areas a varied as industrial manufacturing spaces and walking paths, taking into account the textures, colors, reflectivity, and other items in the room or area of focus.

Once we have drawn up the space in terms of width, height, depth, materials, and furniture, we consider the type of atmosphere you are looking for. While a warehouse may require bright lighting, fine dining establishments walk the line between ambience and visibility. We work with you to come up with the perfect lighting level for any situation.

Next, we take into consideration the type of lights that will provide the visibility and glow you seek and the location of those lights within the model we have created. We input mounting heights and factor in light loss, which occurs where there may be dust or dirt built up on a lighting fixture.

Once these measurements and assessments are complete, our engineers run them through two programs: Visual and AGI32. Both programs work together to create a 3D rendering of your space, identical in every detail to the actual room or area based on the details you have provided. Once created, you can zoom in and enter the room to view the lighting design from all angles. From here, we help you assess what lighting type and level best serves your purposes.

Who Do We Work With?

Architects and interior design experts are most likely to contact us to create these illumination models. However, we will work with building managers and business owners as well, or anyone interested in seeing how the lighting they want serves the space they have.

Will My Space Be Bright Enough?

Our most commonly asked question relates to brightness and how much illumination is necessary to create a pleasant, safe, and productive atmosphere. Because no two spaces are exactly alike, what serves your space may not work for another area, and vice versa. Our goal is to help you decide on, design, and install the best possible lighting for your space, and mocking up a 3D representation is a great first step.

Whether you’re experienced in or new to lighting design, our engineering department is happy to provide you with a 3D perspective that improves your ability to complete the look and functionality of your location.

Have more questions on this fascinating and time-saving technique? Contact our experts at Prairie today!

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