Commercial outdoor lighting helps customers find their way around parking lots, adds a layer of security at night, and provides a few more hours of play at ballparks. For industrial or manufacturing uses, outdoor lighting systems allow crews to perform needed service, maintenance, or repair during off-hours.Commercial properties use lights in a variety of ways. Exterior uses include signage, illuminating parking lots, security, and others while interior lights are used in offices, on the showroom floor, bathrooms, and so on. As a business owner, it can also feel like every single fixture uses a different kind of bulb.

Which makes sense. Small lights that add ambiance to a display case certainly aren’t going to the job in the back where all of the inventory is kept. It all adds up to take a pretty hefty chunk of your electrical bill – more than 15 percent in some cases!

Control Costs

There are ways to create energy savings and thereby save you money in the long run. Certain fixtures and light bulbs are just more energy-efficient than others. As part of an overall energy audit of your facility, pay special attention to your lighting needs.

Prairie Electric will incorporate the newest lighting technologies and give you more control over your light solutions. Not only will this help reduce energy costs, but you’ll also provide a more comfortable work environment for your employees and a safer shopping experience for your customers.

By switching out older light fixtures and bulbs and for newer LED lighting and other upgrades, you’ll see some immediate savings in your lighting bulbs. However, there are other changes that can lead to even more savings. Dimmer switches can help in some situations and motion or occupancy sensors will control when the lights are actually used.

Lighting Control Panels
In older facilities, lighting control panels may not be equipped to handle newer light control solutions. Prairie Electric can replace your existing panels, incorporate control panels for your lighting, and even automate your lighting systems. Smart technology can be implemented to give you even more control over your lighting.

Updated panels, coupled with improved networking and upgrade fixtures and bulb, allows you to truly control just how much light your commercial building is using. The solution isn’t always to use less lighting, but to use the lighting you have more efficiently. Prairie Electric is here to help you do just that.

Full-Service Commercial Electrician
In addition to installing lighting solutions for your business park, warehouse, and other commercial structures, Prairie Electric also offers guidance on your overall electrical system. From making sure you have enough power to run all of your systems to suggesting upgrades that save you money in the long run, we do it all.

Are you a business owner leasing a new space? Reach out to Prairie Electric to make sure all of your power needs are met. The electrical needs of an insurance office are much different than that of a machine shop. We have experience with both and will design-build power solutions customized to your needs.

Most importantly, we’ve been in the area for decades. We understand and follow all codes, regulations, and permitting processes to ensure downtime is minimized. We’ll provide you with the appropriate amount of power you need with options to let you expand in the future. Contact Prairie Electric today to see how we can help your commercial needs.

Lighting Layout
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Electric Car Chargers
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