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Looking for a reliable electrician in Gresham, OR? With more than 35 years of experience, we are extremely prepared for anything Gresham has to throw at us. Good customer service is one of the pillars of our business. You can rest assured that our experts will treat you with the utmost respect and always keep you in the loop.

Prairie Electric has worked with companies, big and small, to provide quality electrical work for many commercial applications throughout the Pacific Northwest and other surrounding areas. We have done everything from diagnostics, generators, automated panels, lighting systems, to low-voltage jobs such as intercom systems and closed-circuit television and security wiring.

Industrial Electrical

In addition to regular commercial jobs, we are also well-versed in industrial electrical applications. Large Gresham factories often have thousands of small, moving parts that are required for the facility to run correctly. Without a large amount of electrical work and power, the facility would shut down. Avoid a large-scale shutdown today with the help of your electrical experts.

Residential Electrical

Don’t worry, we serve more than just businesses! Our Gresham residential services are top-notch and are always performed by our experts. Put down those dangerous unknown wires and let us handle your electrical project. Not only do we have the gear and tools, but we also have the knowledge of local codes and regulations needed to do the job right. Whether you have a current electrical issue (indoor or outdoor) or are just looking to spruce up your electrical, contact us today!

Emergency Electrical

We know that power is a necessity nowadays, especially because so many people work from home. When disaster strikes, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces. That’s why Prairie Electric offers 24-hour, seven days a week, emergency service in Gresham, OR.

Don’t get caught in an outage without a backup plan, contact Prairie Electric today!

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Work With The Gresham Experts

Our professional electricians offer a variety of electrical services including repairs, emergency work, and generation installations for those occasional cold winter storms that pass through the Gresham area. Contact us today to have one of our electricians come to inspect the electrical system in your home and provide a FREE estimate.