Discover Convenience Version 2.0 with the Pass & Seymour In-Wall USB Charger

Charge ahead and upgrade to convenience with Pass & Seymour’s USB Charger.

Charging your mobile phone, tablet, or other electronic device on-the-go can be frustrating.

You need to drag your bulky “charger,” or AC adapter, with you whenever you leave the house, just in case your phone or iPod powers down at an inopportune time. If you forget it, heaven forbid, you can look forward to carrying around a “dead” device, unless someone around you has an adapter that fits your model.

If, however, you do bring your apparatus with you, you’ll have to plug it into an outlet. If you’re lucky enough to have one near your table at a restaurant or in the living room at your friends’ house, good luck trying to fit this clunky piece of technology into someone else’s in-use outlet.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.

Pass & Seymour have dreamed up what we’ve all been waiting for: an in-wall USB charger that allows you to seamlessly plug in and charge your mobile devices with less clutter.

Think about it – you probably fall into one of two groups: those who use and creatively hide their power strips at home or in their work area, and those who don’t. To those who hide them, cheers to you. However, by over-stuffing your power strips, you may be overloading the circuits in your home or office, particularly if the building was built before 1980 and has not been recently rewired.

To those who don’t, notice how often you trip over your power strip during a normal day, and how many times this happens due to excessively bulky AC adapters lying in your way. Enough said.

Another major benefit of this brilliantly simple technology is increased charging power. That’s right, Pass & Seymour have equipped their USB Charger with three times the charging power of your standard adapter. Look forward to faster charges and less clutter to trip over in your home, office, or facility.

How Do I Get One?

Sometimes, the smallest advancement can make the biggest difference. At Prairie Electric, we strive to remain on the cusp of the latest advancements and emerging technologies so we can make them available to you in your very own home, office, or warehouse.

If you would like to install an in-wall USB charger in one or more of your outlets, Prairie Electric can help. We are happy to come to your location and place these outlets safely and securely for same-day use. Unsure which outlets to adapt? We can help with that too, and would be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

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