New Construction Electrician

We serve some of the largest homebuilders in the Pacific Northwest, working on all types of projects such as multi-family housing, custom homes, and new communities to name a few. As your local electrical contractor, we can work with your plans or design-build your electrical systems.

Electrical Service Panel Installation

Where the power comes from the street into your home, the panel is responsible for handling all of the power loads in your home. A series of circuit breakers are placed in the electrical panel, usually rated for 15 or 20 amps.

We like to place panels in out-of-the-way but easy-to-reach areas but work closely with the construction project manager for optimal placement. We’ll make sure your new home has the proper power going to all of the appliances, clearly marked, and leave room for future expansion (shop, sauna, hot tub, etc.).

Electrical Residential Repair

A housing boom in the Pacific Northwest means there’s plenty of new-build homes available on the market. Unfortunately, there may be times when electrical system installation services have been rushed. If you’re experiencing constant circuit breaker issues, light switches not working, or problems with your panel, give us a call. We’ll troubleshoot all of the issues you’re having.

Utility Meter Base

Before the electrical wiring comes into your home, business, or facility from the street, it must first run through a utility meter base. This allows the utility companies to track your power usage. As a design-build firm, we work with the utility company, the builder, and you for final placement for the meter base.

Lighting Layout

Planning exterior lights at your new home, apartments, or subdivision is another of our new construction electrical services. Lighting can be ornamental, designed for safety and security, or needed for code, we can help you pick out the right fixture, bulbs, and spacing for your lights. This includes exterior signage, lights along pathways or sidewalks, apartment parking lots, and street lighting.

Electric Car Chargers

As electric cars continue to grow in numbers, the ability to charge from home is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether it’s a single station at your home or a bank of spaces at an apartment complex, the electrical installation of chargers will make it more convenient for electric car owners to top off their batteries.

Experienced New Construction Electrical Professionals

For more than three decades, Prairie Electric has been providing high-quality electrical work for residential new construction, business parks, and industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities. Planning a new build in the future? Contact us today to see how we can help.