Underground Utility Contractors (Residential)

Through trenching or horizontal drilling, Prairie Electric works with homebuilders to provide safe, protected, and aesthetically pleasing buried infrastructure

While some utilities are required to be buried (such as water or natural gas), power lines have often been strung along the tops of tall poles, running into the occasional transformer or shooting over yards into the home. When you work with Prairie Electric, we can tie your new home or neighborhood into the grid and deliver power underground.

With a stronger push by governmental agencies over the past decade or two, underground utilities are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Prairie Electric knows the codes and regulations in Vancouver and Portland as well as throughout Washington and Oregon.

Underground Utility Benefits

There are many advantages to having your power utilities and other cables buried underground. First, there’s the protection from the elements, whether in freezing temperatures or triple-digit heat. There’s also a matter of protecting lines from falling tree branches and other above-ground accidents.

Underground utilities are also easier to maintain and can handle larger loads and if there is an event, less chance of live-wire injuries. Multiple utilities can run side by side in a trench and there’s less need to drill holes into the side of a home – everything can be brought into the home via the foundation.

There’s also the matter of “curb appeal” in residential areas. Overhead lines can ruin an otherwise serene setting and the removal of lines that must run to the attic of the home disappear. Instead of having lines that spider web away from power poles, neighborhoods only have to deal with those small green boxes every four or five homes.

All of these benefits come at a price, of course. While burying power lines underground plays an important role in providing more power and protection to that power, it can be harder to add or repair lines to buried infrastructure. There’s also the cost of initial installation when trenching is needed.

Cost Considerations

Many of those costs can be mitigated if the underground utilities are placed during the construction of a new home, subdivision, or community. With the right amount of planning, engineering, and installation, builders and homeowners can manage those costs a little easier.

Professional Underground Utility Contractors

Prairie Electric has been working with homebuilders and other general contractors for more than three decades. We have years of experience with underground utilities, both with installation and repair in residential settings. From single homes to apartment complexes, we’ll make sure you have the power you need.

Contractors love working with us because of our design-build capabilities, professional craftsmanship, and the ability to meet deadlines. When you work Prairie Electric, you know you’re working with the best. Does your upcoming construction project require underground utilities? Reach out to Prairie Electric to see how we can help.