Prairie Electric Out-Foxes Phoenix Contact’s Fox Challenge!

See how we triumphed in Phoenix Contact’s Fox Challenge.

At Prairie Electric, we pride ourselves with providing you with the highest-quality, cutting edge industrial solutions. For this reason, we partner with Phoenix Contact, a renowned provider of industrial automation, interconnection, and interface solutions. So when Phoenix Contact opened up entry in their Fox Challenge, who were we to say no?

Maria the TOOL Fox from Phoenix Contact visited Prairie Electric’s industrial control division and engaged them in the Fox Challenge. The results were fun, education, and victory!

The Rules

Approximately 20 of our employees participated in the challenge. These contestants were asked to process a multiconductor cable and terminate it into a PT terminal block rail assembly, timed by the Nanoline controller. The TOOL Fox instructed each participant to complete the following:

  •  Use the Wirefox D40 to remove the jacket of a multi-conductor cable.
  •  Use Wirefox Striper to remove three conductors.
  •  Crimp Phoenix Contact ferrules onto the wires using the provided tool, the Crimpfox 10S.
  •  Terminate the wires into a PT terminal block.

Participants receive a t-shirt, and the qualifying winner gets a hand tool of his or her choice, with a second hand tool if he or she beats the TOOL Fox in the final showdown. While the challenge will continue throughout 2014 and wrap up with prizes for the winners for best time in each covered region, as well as the grand prize winner, we were just happy to participate.

The Big Surprise

Because we had such a great time, we were even more thrilled when one of our very own team members, Ryan Hallstrom, beat the TOOL Fox in the final challenge, Whipped by the Fox. In the words of the TOOL Fox, the win was, “One of the best we’ve ever seen!”

The task was simple, but not easy: to demonstrate both speed and accuracy in a task involving the PT terminal blocks, using TOOL Fox hand tools. Ryan was thrilled and surprised to emerge the victor. Congrats to both Ryan and the entire team!

While competitions continue across the US, we are thrilled with our win!

Your Industrial Controls Experts

If you are looking for automation, interconnection, and/or interface solutions for your business, look no further than Prairie Electric. Our experts not only beat the Fox, but love what we do, and are well-versed in options that can help streamline your business for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

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