A Focus on Electrical Safety

With Prairie Electric, you can trust our commitment to safety during every phase of your project.

Safety is always a top priority at Prairie Electric. Whether it’s a small residential electrical setup or a large-scale infrastructure project, the safety of the people involved and the building itself will never be minimized or overlooked. We are committed to ensuring that safety protocols are adhered to on every residential, commercial, and government/municipal job site.

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On the Job

Our qualified electricians ensure that all electrical equipment and systems are installed according to local and national codes and regulations. This includes proper grounding and bonding, correct wiring materials as per the project, and adequate circuit protection.

Furthermore, Prairie electricians are aware of the potential for electrical hazards, including electric shock, arc flash, and electrical burns. They also know the procedures to follow to avoid such hazards and how to handle them should any problems arise.

In addition, they are trained on how to use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, hard hats, and insulating tools. Essential communication processes and other protocols are also utilized for onsite safety, especially when our electrical work requires attention to high voltage systems.

Safety Managers

Our job sites are prepped in such a way as to protect the safety of our electricians and anyone who comes into contact with them or their work. Beyond that, however, we take measures to ensure that the work we perform remains not only functional but also conforms to the highest and most rigorous electrical standards.

For example, our electrical staff includes full-time safety managers. They regularly visit our job sites to ensure that all work is done according to code and to conduct training sessions to ensure that everyone on the job site is protected — before, during, and after the job.

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Our safety managers make sure that everyone is provided with the training and guidance they need and is aware of any potential hazards and the procedures involved in minimizing them. What’s more, they work to ensure that all equipment, materials, and work practices meet the highest safety standards.

Finally, our crews utilize the latest technologies to aid our safety efforts. They make use of specialized software and applications to plan and track their projects. With this software, they can identify potential risks and hazards before they even arise, avoid unnecessary materials, and make sure that everything runs efficiently and safely.

Safety protocols while we do the work — and safety features throughout the system

Since we first opened our doors in 1981, we’ve been powering businesses, residences, and municipal infrastructure projects.

And we’ve empowered our electricians to make the best choices for the project they’re working on — one which emphasizes safety, efficiency, and the longevity of the electrical installations.

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You’ll never have to worry when you partner with Prairie Electric. We work to protect our team, our equipment, the complex electrical systems we install, and the buildings that house them.

Ultimately, by prioritizing safety, Prairie Electric ensures our employees’ well-being as well as the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide to our communities.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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