Backup power when you need it.

Safe, Reliable Backup Power

Power outages pose significant inconveniences and potential hazards. A loss of electricity to your home means no lights, no garage door opener, and no power to your refrigerator, medical devices, and beyond.

Prairie Electric understands the importance of uninterrupted power in your home. Whether you need to keep a few critical systems running during an outage or want to make sure you have enough power for your entire residence to function without pause, we can customize a solution for your home’s needs.

Our skilled electricians are trained to address a wide variety of residential backup power solutions. We offer new generator installation as well as service, repair, and maintenance of existing generators.

The Ideal Generator for your Residence

As a certified Kohler generator installation and service dealer, we pride ourselves in offering the best in home generators. Kohler generators deliver reliable backup power for your residence, safeguarding the continued operation of vital appliances and systems during utility disruptions.

Our skilled professionals will guide you in selecting the appropriate generator model, with the size and features that you require for your home.

Residential Generator Installation

With decades of experience in generator installation, repair, and maintenance, Prairie Electric is the go-to backup power expert for homeowners in Vancouver, NE Portland, Ridgefield, Tri-Cities, and all surrounding regions. Every home and area is unique, so we tailor your power solution to your residence’s specific needs.

When formulating a plan for generator installation, our expert electricians will carefully review variables at your residence, including:

  • The state of your utility power system
  • Critical systems that must remain online
  • Generator location considerations like noise, exhaust, and distance from your utility panel

Your home and your needs are unique; our team will work with you to find a generator solution that’s perfect for your property.

Certified Maintenance Programs

In addition to installation and replacement of older generators, Prairie Electric offers maintenance programs that will ensure your generator remains ready for serious weather events and other power disruptions

Our Certified Maintenance Programs include:

  • Annual and semi-annual inspections
  • Monthly testing
  • Tune-ups as needed to ensure your generator will meet or even exceed its expected lifespan

Trust Prairie Electric to provide you with ongoing maintenance and system support that prepares your home for any power emergency.

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