Working at Prairie Electric

When you work for Prairie Electric, you come to work with a family. Not only with other crewmembers and management, but with our customers as well. Although we concentrate on the task at hand, we’re also taking the long view on each and every job. We aren’t interested in “one and done work,” we’re hoping to build relationships with each and every client.

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When the new facility we designed a new power grid for needs new panels for automation in five years, we want to be the ones they call. We carry this same attitude through residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Prairie Electric achieves these goals through integrity, common sense, problem-solving, and quality workmanship.

Our Word Means Something

But most of all we keep our word. We treat every job – big or small – the same: under-promise and over-deliver. Stick to the schedule and stock to our word. Make sure we have each other’s back. From the engineers to the supply guys, we always work together towards our final goal. Delivering our clients exactly what they need when we said we’d give it to them.

Are You Prairie Electric?

Does this sound like the kind of environment you want to work in? Are you able to stick to a plan, but think on your feet? We can plan for many potential roadblocks with the information we have. But when the unexpected happens, are you able to rise to the occasion? Those are the kinds of people we look for at Prairie Electric.

When it comes to electrical needs, we
are the company that can provide it all.




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