Electrical services for your home in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Pasco, and NE Portland

Electricians with Full Range of Residential Expertise

We take on a wide array of electrical projects, be it new construction or existing homes. Whether it’s basic home electrical work or a sophisticated set-up, Prairie Electric is up to the task.

We ensure our team of electricians is thoroughly prepared with all necessary tools and materials while on-site, minimizing any potential delays. This preparedness, extensive training, and high standards set Prairie Electric apart from the competition in the electrical industry.


  • Backup Power Solutions

    We install backup generators to keep your home’s essential appliances and lights running during a power outage.

  • Home additions

    Home remodels are an ideal time to rethink an electrical system. Prairie Electric can design a new system, rewire the home, move outlets and more.

  • Outdoor Electrical

    Prairie has the manpower and expertise to help set up saunas, hot tubs, a project space, crypto mining operations and more.

  • Car Charger Installation

    Upgrade to a level 2 charger for your home, providing the most efficient charging solution for your EV.

Smart Home Installation Services

We offer everything you need to get your home up and running with the latest technology.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

We also offer 24/7 emergency support for our residential customers.

Get Service Now

From simple sparks to complete power outages, we have a dedicated team of electricians in place — licensed and insured in Oregon and Washington — to attend to your needs.

For other residential electrical services, trust in our team to provide the expertise you need to keep your family safe. Because when it comes to electrical in your home, you don’t want to cut corners with a faulty installation.

We’ve been doing this work for over 40 years. When you go with Prairie, you’re promised one thing above all else: true professional service.

When it comes to electrical needs, we
are the company that can provide it all.

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