• Close-up of an analog electricity meter displaying kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage with black numeric dials and one red dial indicating precise measurements.
    April 29, 2024

    How to Read Your Electric Meter and Calculate Your Electricity Bill

    Uncover the secrets of your electric meter and learn how to easily calculate your electricity bill to save money and energy.
  • A close-up of a wall electrical outlet, with visible black smoke and burn marks indicating overheating or a possible fire hazard. Contact a Vancouver electrician immediately to address this critical electrical issue and ensure your safety.
    April 15, 2024

    Common Electrical Hazards

    Your home’s pretty safe, right? You don’t leave candles unattended, your security system is updated, and you don’t - ever - run with scissors.
  • March 13, 2024

    Becoming An Electrician in 2024

    Electricity powers our modern lives, yet the profession that keeps it running smoothly often remains in the shadows.
  • A hand plugs a white electrical cord into a wall outlet, showcasing the careful precision of an electrician in Vancouver, WA.
    March 5, 2024

    Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

    Maintaining a safe and functional electrical system in your home is essential for the well-being of your family. However, electrical issues can be daunting, especially when you're unsure of where…
  • A modern bathroom with white marble tiles, a wall-mounted toilet and bidet, a sink with a mirror above, and a yellow soap dispenser on the countertop. A large mirror and towel radiator are visible, all installed with precision by our expert Vancouver electrician.
    November 22, 2023

    Bidets: Seat Top & Full Appliance Wiring

    Bidet wiring may seem daunting, but Prairie Electric's experienced electricians ensure safe, efficient installation for enhanced bathroom comfort.
  • A gray wall-mounted outlet panel with a power outlet, phone jack, and USB port is expertly installed by a Vancouver electrician below a wooden shelf.
    November 21, 2023

    TRRs: Electrical Safeguarding At Home

    Tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) are essential for preventing electrical accidents, especially in homes with young children. Trust licensed electricians for safe installation.
  • A hand expertly plugging a white electrical cord into a white wall outlet, showcasing the precision of a Vancouver electrician.
    November 21, 2023

    Cold Air Through Electrical Outlets: Q&A

    Have you been feeling a chill through an electrical outlet? It can be concerning, but a few solutions are relatively simple and inexpensive.
  • Colorful "Pickleball" text surrounded by paddles and yellow perforated balls on a dark, electrifyingly decorated background.
    November 24, 2022

    Pickleball, Prairie Electric … and You!

    Join Prairie Electric's team of skilled electricians and enjoy perks like on-site pickleball courts. Competitive pay, benefits, and work-life balance await!
  • A modern, red and beige multi-story building with large windows labeled "Lincoln High School," featuring people, bicycles, and an electrician working on a nearby electrical panel in front.
    September 9, 2022

    Lincoln High School: Phase 1 Complete

    It's been a long journey, but Phase 1 of the Lincoln High School rebuild in Portland, Oregon, is complete!
  • A Vancouver electrician is working on electrical wiring in an indoor setting, holding a pair of pliers and focusing on the wires. He is surrounded by various cables and conduits.
    August 2, 2022

    Alternative Careers For Electricians

    Alternative careers for electricians: BIM designer, renewable energy, warehouse, equipment operator, material handler, and more.