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Prairie Electric provides electrical contractor services to Ridgefield, WA and beyond for residential, commercial, and industrial electrical projects and new builds.

Ridgefield Electrician
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As available land gets scarce in southern Washington and Northern Oregon, Ridgefield has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Washington. As more people move north, more homes are needed…which leads to more shopping, entertainment, businesses, and other structures befitting a growing city.

With so much growth, it’s important to have the appropriate infrastructure in place.

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Prairie Electric has provided electrica contractor services throughout Ridgefield, WA since 1981. Contact us today to get started.
Electrical Contractors in Ridgefield, WA

Ridgefield Electrical Contractor Services

Prairie Electric has served the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or are running a large industrial facility, we have a service division ready to provide all of your electrical needs.

We power new subdivisions, business parks, and established businesses. We can service existing infrastructure or install upgraded electrical systems with new technology.

Prairie Electric has experience in all these areas and more. Whatever your electrical needs are in Ridgefield, we’ll deliver fast, expert, and professional service.

Industrial Electrician

No matter if it’s a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility, the loss of power means the loss of productivity, affecting the bottom line. Using Prairie Electric to perform regularly scheduled maintenance or service calls will ensure your machinery is up and running at an efficient rate. Time for a power grid retrofit? We will design and build your electrical system to keep pace with the times.

Commercial Electrician

If you’re the site manager for a business complex, you’ll want your storefronts to be as flexible as possible. As a business owner leasing a new space, you’ll want to make sure the lights, outlets, and other fixtures have the power – and placement – for your purposes. Prairie Electric understands the requirements for both applications and has experience with numerous different types of businesses.

Residential Electrician

From tying in a new neighborhood or apartment complex into the existing grid, or replacing potentially dangerous knob and tube wiring in a 100-year-old farmhouse, Prairie Electric has the knowledge to handle both situations. Even if you’re remodeling a master suite or kitchen, we’ll make sure your electrical plans are designed for specifically your needs while following all Ridgefield city codes and regulations.

Ridgefield Emergency Electrical Service

Weather in Ridgefield – and the rest of the Pacific Northwest – can make things dicey for overhead power lines and other infrastructure. If the power goes out at your home, you may need to empty the refrigerator. If it goes out at your food-processing plant, you may be out tens of thousands of dollars or more! The faster you can get the lights back on, the less waste there will be. That’s why Prairie offers 24-hour, seven days a week emergency service to both residential and industrial/commercial customers in Ridgefield.