Common Electrical Installation Problems

Zap-proof your projects—tackle common installation hiccups with ease.

Spring and summer are common home remodeling seasons. However, with big electrical remodeling projects come stressful mistakes that can cost you money, hassle, and even a dangerous electrical fire and subsequent damages. When contracting with a team to complete repairs on your home or business, be sure to look for a licensed, experienced company you can truly trust. Prairie Electric is well-versed in all things electrical installation, repair, and even new construction and focused on making your property as safe and efficient as it can be.

Unsure what can and frequently does go wrong with electrical installations and repairs? The following list can help you understand each process and identify what may have gone wrong:

Insecure Wiring

If the staples holding wiring in place are driven too tight around the wire, locking it into place on  the beam or stud, serious damage can occur, including breakdown of the wire itself. This may lead to electrical fires and issues with the lighting or appliances powered through this wiring.

Wiring Size Issues

Using the wrong type or size of wire can cause overheating, as the wire is carrying more current than it was built to withstand. In most cases, the thicker the wire, the more current it can safely carry. If your wires feel warm, sizing issues may be the cause.

Improper Wire Length

In order to create a durable electrical connection, wires must be stripped to reveal their metallic core. The length of wire that can legally be stripped is subject to code regulation, and improper wire stripping can cause nicks on the metal that interrupt connections or cause short circuits. At least six inches are recommended to allow for handling within the outlet box.

Unprotected Wiring

Wiring can become damaged if left uncovered and exposed to harsh changes in weather or tampering. For this reason, a common problem for homeowners in particular is an uncovered power box located on the outside of your home. The fix is simple. Purchase and install an outdoor-specific power box to ensure that your electrical wiring is safe and sound.


Tight electrical connections are a major factor in safe wiring jobs. Loose connections can cause arcing and overheating, which can lead to fires and and personal injury. An experienced electrician will be able to choose a connector that fits the wires and lines up the ends of each with the next, helping you avoid nicked, bent, or twisted connections.

Electrical issues that arise during installation are often the simplest to repair and some of the most dangerous if missed. Consider calling Prairie Electric when you’re working on your next electrical installation job. Our expertise and integrity on every single project and service call make us an industry leader in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re always happy to helpNew layer…

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