Solutions to Common Electrical Issues During Remodeling

Smooth sailing through renovations—fix common electrical glitches with ease.

At Prairie Electric, we want to make sure you’re next project is safe and efficient. When performing electrical work, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the wide range of problems that can occur, especially during a remodel. While calling an electrician you trust can help you avoid serious – and dangerous – issues, there are a few simple fixes you can try yourself in a pinch. Call us with any concerns or questions!

Got a Short?

When you have a short in your wiring system, it’s likely due to a bad connection. Always use cable connectors to avoid damaging the sheath and causing a short.

Wrong Wire Size

This is by far the most common electrical issue, especially for DIY-ers. If you need to accommodate a new or old fixture or you come across a faulty cable, ensure that your replacement wire is the right fit. For example, you cannot replace a two-wire receptacle with a three-wire receptacle. When you do so, you run the risk of overheating the unit.

Most lighting runs on a 15-amp circuit, to which you can run 14-gauge wire. Likewise, a 20-amp circuit requires 12-gauge wire or thicker. It’s also important to follow code regulations regarding how much can be stripped or included inside a single box.


This is a common issue with remodeled areas that were originally wired incorrectly. Simply put, make sure all wiring is sufficiently covered and out of view. Use a channel, fitting kit, or the appropriate box for your connectors. More importantly, never expose wires to water or harsh weather, as both can cause damage and potential electrocution and/or fires.

Poorly Secured Wires

You may come across wires that are not properly secured or even wires that are attached too tightly. In either case, you run the risk of damage, shorts, and electrical fire. All dangling wires should be properly secured and spaced according to code. For wires that are pinched from too much force with a staple gun, you’ll need to remove and reattach them appropriately. Any damaged wires will need to be replaced.

Forgot the Code?

Unlike plumbing or landscaping, electrical work comes with the risk of serious injury. If you’ve forgotten a code or procedure, then grab the latest copy of standards published by the National Electric Code.

At Prairie Electric, we want your remodeling project to be safe and enjoyable. Feel free to send a service request or give us a call at 800-573-2750. We’d be happy to address any questions about your upcoming project.

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