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Is Fiber Coming to Your Neighborhood?

fiber-cablesAt Prairie Electric, we are committed to providing you with the latest technology to help streamline your busy life. In the age of the remote workplace and streaming Netflix to personal devices, nothing is more important than a fast internet service. However, for some, even broadband internet is no longer quick enough to meet their needs.

If you can relate to this dilemma, our team has a solution. Many neighborhoods in Portland and East Vancouver, including Granton Park and Dunning Meadows, are now installing fiber optic internet. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, or plan to, this means a higher quality web experience than you’ve ever encountered.

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Energy Saving Tips You Can Use Immediately

power-stripSaving energy and money sounds like a great idea. However, it can feel like a huge undertaking to change the way you and your family operate on a day-to-day basis.

You don’t need to change your entire routine to embrace a greener lifestyle. There are changes you can make right now to get on a more energy-efficient path that benefits both you and the planet. All it takes is a little know-how and commitment. You’re closer to creating a sustainable house than you think.

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How to Get Your Home Electrical System Ready for Winter

trees-pacificThe freezing temperatures and increased moisture that occur each winter bring homeowners a unique set of issues, whether structural, plumbing-related, or electrical. Many home fires occur in December or January, as that’s when homeowners turn on their heaters, when the holidays demand extra lights and candles, and when family gatherings keep many too busy to focus on basic fire prevention safety.

At Prairie Electric, we want your home to remain hazard-free at all times. The following tips can help you keep your electrical system safe and secure when temperatures drop:

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That's Right, We Build Automation Equipment!

free-conveyorIf you follow this blog, you probably know by now that Prairie Electric’s team is no one-trick pony. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art developments to ensure that your project is completed in an efficient manner and of the highest possible quality.

Our Industrial Automation Controls Department runs on these same principals. What do we handle in this department? The real question is, what don’t we handle?! Automation, also known as automatic control, refers to the use of various types of control systems that operate equipment, including machinery, factory processing, boilers and heat-treating ovens, as well as controls that allow for steering and stabilizing of ships and aircraft, all within minimal intervention by humans. At Prairie Electric, our experience equals your success in all types of automation controls.

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Electric Heaters Keep Your Home Safe and Toasty!

cadet-heaterIf you’re looking to maintain an efficient, well-warmed home, look no further than electric heaters. We’re not talking about space heaters, those dangerous but oh-so-convenient plug-in devices that heat small areas of your home and frequently cause house fires. Rather, we’re referring to electrically-run heaters that are hard-wired into your home and controlled by a thermostat, just like your gas heat.

When we install electric heaters, we often choose the high-quality models made by Cadet Heat, a local company.

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