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Prairie Electric Transforms the Beauty Box Spa!


Our Prairie Electric team is always excited to work on commercial projects that incorporate both wiring and lighting design. Our Lighting Design department is highly skilled at assessing new spaces and blending business owners’ desires with architectural practicality to create stunning settings for your clients and customers.

Beauty Box Spa was one such project - we loved working with the owners to create a luxurious locale for their services. This business provides hair styling, nail application, and esthetics services, all with a fun, “outside the box” approach. The owners pride themselves on using up-cycled and recycled materials to decorate the space.

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7 Tips for a Safe Halloween


Halloween is almost here and that means it’s time to fill your candy bowls with eerie, sweet treats and decorate your yard and house with ghosts and goblins! With all of the youngsters romping in and out of your neighbourhood and home this year, there are some important electrical safety tips to keep in mind. Our team at Prairie Electric is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe during this spooky season.

Safety tip #1: Keep Electric Cords Away from High Traffic Areas

Electrical cords in walkways can trip you and your family and even cause electrocution if they become torn or damaged. Prevent these issues by wrapping lengths of wire and storing them behind furniture. Wire clips can help run cords up your wall, keeping them off the floor and out of harm’s way.

Safety tip #2: Use Only UL-Approved Lights

Before hanging up lighting decorations, be sure to use only strings of lights that have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The label is easily found on the outside of the box and on the electrical strings, and ensures both safety and quality.

Safety tip #3: Don’t Use Out-of-Date Extension Cords

Decorating your home and yard will likely require multiple extension cords. If you aren’t sure that your extension cord is in good condition, don’t use it. Use cords that are UL-approved and be sure that the cord is built to carry the necessary electrical load.

Safety tip #4: Always Check Light Strands

Before you plug in lights for decoration, check the strings for frayed cords or faulty plugs. If there is damage, replace them right away.

Safety tip #5: Don’t Leave Lights Plugged in for Extended Time Periods

Before leaving your home, shut the lights off. Also, turn off lights before you go to bed. This will help reduce the risk of fire from overworked bulbs and wiring, and will also save you money on your energy/utility bill.

Safety tip #6: Use Caution

Don’t staple or nail light strings or electrical cords, as this can cause the string to malfunction, spark, and even catch on fire. In addition, don’t attach cords or lights to metal objects. Use the items as directed in order to avoid danger.

Safety tip #7: Have a Plan

Do you have a fire escape plan in place at home? If so, be sure that you and your family review your plan for exiting the home via the escape on a regular basis. That way, you will be prepared and alert in case of an unforeseen event.

The best celebrations are safe ones! Keep your Halloween fun and danger-free with electrical best practices.

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Prairie Team Works with Tiny Heirloom, Now on HGTV!

Tiny-HomeWho doesn’t love hearing about the tiny home phenomenon? These compact, eco-friendly homes, so popular in Portland, Oregon and with eco-conscious, travel-loving individuals worldwide, are featuring heavily in the media lately, from Netflix documentaries to the new show, Tiny Luxury.

The show focuses on the Portland-based company, Tiny Heirloom, who devote their creative and architectural talents to building luxury tiny homes. We were particularly excited about this show because our team has an ongoing relationship with Tiny Heirloom. We have fully wired seven of their luxury homes, an undertaking that has changed our perceptions of what makes a home a home.

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How to Avoid an Electrical Failure This Summer

woman-relaxingDo your summer plans include home electrical failure? We didn’t think so. On the list of fun and enriching experiences on your list for the warm months, we’re guessing that bar-b-ques at the beach beat out power outages any day of the week. However, several factors can combine during warm weather to create costly electrical failures. How can these issues be avoided?

How It Happens

We know, it’s hot outside, but running your air conditioner 24/7 in every room can lead to electrical grid and home electrical burnout. This practice can even create blackouts, brownouts, and dangerous electrical shocks, sometimes even leading to deadly home fires.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Electricians

electrician-manElectricity makes our everyday lives possible. Skilled electricians created the wiring in your home, your place of work, and along the streets where you walk, lit for your convenience and safety when the sun goes down. However, how much do you truly know about the profession that sustains your modern lifestyle?

The following facts may surprise you!

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