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Why Aren’t My Exterior Outlets Working?

outdoor-outletYou’re minding your own business, plugging your leaf blower into the outlet on your home’s exterior when it happens. Nothing

If your outdoor outlets fail to produce the appropriate charge, its easy to assume the worst (I have to replace this outlet, it’s going to be so expensive . . .). However, in many cases, a dead outlet is the result of a simple connectivity problem that can be remedied with a few easy steps. Try the following before you panic, and if you’re still having difficulties, contact our team at Prairie Electric. We’re ready to help!

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Service Call Files: My Electrical Panel Looks Dangerous - Should I Replace It?

electrical-panelOf all the calls we get at Prairie Electric, one of the most common is in reference to electrical panels that appear to be in disrepair. Many individuals find electrical panel wiring confusing and are more than a little concerned about the strong currents pulsing through old, tangled wiring.

The Definition of Dangerous

If your electrical panel is creeping into the danger zone, the primary signs may be visible. Browning, flickering, or dimming lights are all indicators that there may be an issue within your panel. If the wiring in your electrical panel is frayed, hot, smoking or sparking, call our team immediately to prevent a major home fire.

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Solutions to Common Electrical Issues During Remodeling

home-remodelAt Prairie Electric, we want to make sure you’re next project is safe and efficient. When performing electrical work, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the wide range of problems that can occur, especially during a remodel. While calling an electrician you trust can help you avoid serious - and dangerous - issues, there are a few simple fixes you can try yourself in a pinch. Call us with any concerns or questions!

Got a Short?

When you have a short in your wiring system, it’s likely due to a bad connection. Always use cable connectors to avoid damaging the sheath and causing a short.

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Service Call Files: Fire Marshall Says I Can't Use Extension Cords

extension-cordAt Prairie Electric, we receive all kinds of service calls. Some have to do with residential issues and appliances. Others come from business owners with service questions. At Prairie Electric, we’re here and ready to meet all of your electrical needs, including answering questions about industrial, residential, and commercial projects.

“The Fire Marshall Said We Couldn’t Use Extension Cords”

The call we’re addressing today is common among business owners at this time of year. When receiving this type of call, we ask a few key questions:

  • Is your business housed in an older building? If you and your employees work in a building erected prior to 1980 that has not been fully rewired since, your risk for an electrical fire increases. Frayed and faulty wiring can fail, causing erratic lighting and even sparks, which can create fire.

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Is Fiber Coming to Your Neighborhood?

fiber-cablesAt Prairie Electric, we are committed to providing you with the latest technology to help streamline your busy life. In the age of the remote workplace and streaming Netflix to personal devices, nothing is more important than a fast internet service. However, for some, even broadband internet is no longer quick enough to meet their needs.

If you can relate to this dilemma, our team has a solution. Many neighborhoods in Portland and East Vancouver, including Granton Park and Dunning Meadows, are now installing fiber optic internet. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, or plan to, this means a higher quality web experience than you’ve ever encountered.

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