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How to Avoid an Electrical Failure This Summer

woman-relaxingDo your summer plans include home electrical failure? We didn’t think so. On the list of fun and enriching experiences on your list for the warm months, we’re guessing that bar-b-ques at the beach beat out power outages any day of the week. However, several factors can combine during warm weather to create costly electrical failures. How can these issues be avoided?

How It Happens

We know, it’s hot outside, but running your air conditioner 24/7 in every room can lead to electrical grid and home electrical burnout. This practice can even create blackouts, brownouts, and dangerous electrical shocks, sometimes even leading to deadly home fires.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Electricians

electrician-manElectricity makes our everyday lives possible. Skilled electricians created the wiring in your home, your place of work, and along the streets where you walk, lit for your convenience and safety when the sun goes down. However, how much do you truly know about the profession that sustains your modern lifestyle?

The following facts may surprise you!

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Is Your Home Ready for Another Pasco Summer?

dry-mudIt’s been a sunny winter, which means this summer’s going to be drier than usual.

If you run a business in Pasco, Washington, you know that summers here are already bone-dry and hot, hot, hot. However, for those of you trying to keep your home livably cool, you understand how expensive the endeavor can be.

If your air conditioner has been working overtime over the last few years, you may be dreading your summer energy bills. However, fear not! There are ways to save energy in other areas of your home, to offset increased air conditioning use when temperatures rise. The following tips can make a huge difference in your bill and your peace of mind.

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Prairie Electric Team Helps Launch Country Cat at PDX Airport

country-cat-signCountry Cat is known in Portland as a delicious hot spot for cinnamon spoon bread and crispy fried chicken. Open for dinner and offering a welcoming bar, this restaurant has quickly become a favorite for anyone seeking succulent American fare.

Last month, our team at Prairie Electric was thrilled to bid for, and win, the job of installing the electrical wiring for Country Cat’s PDX Airport location. Mark Smithline, one of our electricians, explains that the job was a big one for Prairie Electric due to its location, serving customers from around the country flying in and out of Portland.

Working consistently from October through March, our electricians had a great time preparing this exquisite restaurant for opening.

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Why Aren’t My Exterior Outlets Working?

outdoor-outletYou’re minding your own business, plugging your leaf blower into the outlet on your home’s exterior when it happens. Nothing

If your outdoor outlets fail to produce the appropriate charge, its easy to assume the worst (I have to replace this outlet, it’s going to be so expensive . . .). However, in many cases, a dead outlet is the result of a simple connectivity problem that can be remedied with a few easy steps. Try the following before you panic, and if you’re still having difficulties, contact our team at Prairie Electric. We’re ready to help!

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