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Industrial Projects

If you require industrial electrical design, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert technicians at Prairie Electric provide complete turnkey integration solutions, custom designing industrial controls to meet your specific needs and ensure the efficacy of your systems:

  • System planning: Our experienced team sits down with you and clarifies your objectives, devising a plan based on a visualized system. We look at your goals from every angle and evolve realistic, actionable implementation stages.


  • Control Systems: We work hard to move your automation projects forward, providing options for:


    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC): We link these digital computers to your automation components, creating a seamless interface for your factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or even light fixtures. Whatever your industry, our PLC installation can streamline your processes.


    • Human Machine Interface (HMI): Our experts provide a graphics-based visualization of this industrial control and monitoring system for your manufacturing or process control needs, creating greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your factory or industrial warehouse.


  • Program design: We work through the first phase of your software’s life cycle to clarify and input exactly what your program needs to accomplish. Our team works to support your design decisions, planning how the program will meet previously defined requirements, and will outline the ways in which the program will implement when complete.


  • Design review: We recognize milestones at which to review the development of a product and evaluate the current design against the requirements established at the onset of the project. If a design review reveals the hoped-for results, your product is ready to launch.  


  • Application evaluations: Our goal is always to produce the best possible results for your business. Once a product has been implemented, our team conducts application evaluations to assess and improve the performance and productivity of your system.


From start-to-finish, our team at Prairie Electric is committed to providing the highest quality industrial design services available. Contact us today at estimating@prairielectric.com and experience the difference a dedicated team can make!