design build project delivery with Prairie ElectricDesign-build is a method of project delivery in which the owner hires one contractor for the design, submittal and installation services. The process allows for factors such as time, quality and innovation to be the deciding factors as opposed to price when it comes to hiring a contractor.


With the traditional competitive bid process, there is pressure on the lowest bidder to secure the contract. Sometimes quality slips or corners are cut so that the low bidder can find a way to make a profit. With design-build, however, the contractor ensures to the owner that the design documents are complete without errors.


During every design-build project, the design is tweaked and improved throughout the duration of the project. These changes are a quick response to unexpected changes in other trade designs and installations. Also, new ideas to improve efficiency and value are continually implemented. Change orders are not inflated and the project is managed to stay within budget.

Prairie Electric brings field experience and problem solving to the process in the early stages of design. The design-assist process ensures customers are happy and the product is of highest quality. Our Professional engineering department will work alongside of our lighting specialists to design your project to meet your expectations and budget.