Building a new home is an exciting but hectic time. There are so many choices to make; colors, textures, layout and design. The more prepared you are before actual construction starts, the better your decision making beforehand will be so costly delays do not occur.

Electrical systems are often overlooked because we just assume our new home will be wired for outlets and lights.

Today’s homes are much different than the past. We expect good lighting, we use microwaves, washers, dryers and many electronic devices.

With proper planning you can wire for high speed internet and networking, lighting controls, automated heating and cooling systems, intelligent security systems and even remote access cameras. Many of these systems can be controlled by your smart phone.

Talk to your electrician about all the systems available, whether you install them now or install provisions like pre-wiring or raceways for adding wire at a later date, so you can “future proof” your home for years to come.

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