outletYou consider yourself to be pretty handy. You’ve DIY-ed a few electrical fixes, and things rarely break around your house because you’re conscientious enough to maintain your appliances and fixtures. Maybe your home/ business is in a new building with few problems, so calling in a professional is at the very bottom of your to-do list.

If your home or business is in good working condition, you may be wondering what would be a good reason to call an electrician. Our team at Prairie Electric is happy to hear that all is well at your property, but we want you to be aware of the wide variety of services we offer, just in case you find you need help. Our team of experts is ready and able to assist with any home or business repair or installation, large or small, but we certainly have specialties that we focus most on.

With this in mind, the following are a few areas of expertise that you may not associate with the title “electrician,” areas in which we can be of great help to you, you family, and/ or your company:

Commercial and Industrial Installation

If you own or manage your own business, having an electrician you can trust is essential. Whether you run a climate-controlled storage facility that relies on electricity to preserve the possessions of hundreds of people on a 24-hour-a-day basis or are designing a parking lot and need to decide how many street lights to purchase and where to place them, Prairie Electric has the expertise and experience to get the job done.

Residential Remodeling

Are you building your own home from the ground up or completing much-needed remodeling? Our team is more than qualified to help you develop your space. Our 3D light modeling crew is experienced in helping homeowners, architects, and business owners alike decide what type of lighting best serves their spaces and where that lighting should go. In addition, our employees are trustworthy and always have your best interests at heart. Our home wiring or rewiring projects are some of the best-rated industry-wide, and we are happy to bring these services to you.


It happens, even to the most conscientious individuals. Faulty wiring can cause electrical fires. Storms can knock trees onto power lines. If and when this happens in your home or neighborhood, don’t stress. Contact Prairie Electric so we can make things right. Our efficient and affordable service is all you need to troubleshoot an emergency.

Electricians do more than just fix your circuit breaker when its on the fritz. For all your residential, commercial, industrial, and emergency electrical needs, Prairie Electric is here. We love the work we do and hope to hear from you when and if you ever need us!