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Expert commercial new construction electrical services, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance for your building projects.

New Commercial Construction Electricians

New construction projects require careful planning and attention to detail, particularly when it comes to electrical installation. Without a skilled and qualified electrician, many projects would fail to meet safety standards, legal regulations, and the needs of the end-users.

For more than four decades, Prairie Electric has been designing and installing new construction electrical elements that stand the test of time. Our new construction installations are critical elements of successful projects — be they residential, commercial, or government.

Two electrical panels and several yellow and white cables are mounted on a wooden wall. One panel door is open, revealing the circuit breakers inside. If you need assistance, consider contacting an experienced Vancouver electrician to ensure everything is up to code.
A construction worker in a high-visibility vest, hard hat, and safety glasses is installing electrical wiring in a building frame, much like an experienced electrician in Vancouver, WA.

New construction electricians play a key role in ensuring the success of a building project. From the installation of utility meter bases and lighting layouts to electric car chargers and backup generators, we are essential components of a safe, efficient, and functional electrical system.

By working with developers, contractors, and government buyers, Prairie Electric ensures that electrical installations meet legal regulations and the needs of each individual project. Contact us today to learn more about how our new construction electricians can help your next new construction project.

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Residential, Commercial, Municipal

New construction electricians will install a wide range of electrical elements. This includes wiring, outlets, and switches, as well as fire alarms, security systems, and other specialized equipment. For commercial and government buildings, electrical infrastructure such as backup generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and data centers are also installed. All of these elements require the technical skills and expertise of a qualified electrician to ensure they are installed correctly and work reliably.

Utility Meter Base

Utility meter bases enable accurate and efficient measurement of energy usage. Our new construction electricians will work with utility companies to ensure that the meter base is properly installed and connected. They will also make sure that the meter base is compatible with the building’s electrical service and that it meets all safety requirements. Additionally, they will install the electrical panels, breakers, and other components necessary for the building’s energy supply.

Lighting Layout

Prairie electricians work with building design teams to install lighting layouts that meet the needs of the space, including factors such as natural light, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. We will ensure that the lighting fixtures, switches, and controls are installed correctly and work properly. This is particularly important in commercial and government buildings that often require complex lighting systems for security, emergency response, and energy management.

Electric Car Chargers

As the use of electric vehicles increases, the demand for electric car chargers in new construction projects is also on the rise. A new construction electrician will work with the building owner to determine the best location and type of charger to install. They will also ensure that the charger is properly connected to the electrical system and meets all safety standards. Additionally, electricians will often provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the charger remains in good working order.

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