What do you think of when you hear the words “power lines.” Several cables running overhead, from one transformer to the next, all atop 30 or 40-foot electrical poles? Or maybe a web of lines that go from the transformers to individual homes or commercial buildings? Or even trees that have been pruned back for the sake of safety?

No matter what you thought of, did you tilt your head upward, even slightly? Even on the most remote country roads, you may find a solitary power line running along. This isn’t nearly as prevalent in newer construction projects, where burying the wires has become much more efficient.

Many jurisdictional codes require power lines to be buried for easier access or safety reasons. Not too mention the aesthetically pleasing sight of no power lines overhead. Prairie Electric can meet these requirements, both in new construction and as retrofits.

Prairie Electric can perform horizontal directional drilling or boring. This is the process of trenching under the concrete by drilling a small tunnel under the surface on a gradual slope. Conduit or pipes are pulled along behind the trencher and then wiring cables are installed. There are no right angles and very little disruption on the surface.

In the case of larger electrical vaults, we use excavators to make room for the structure as well as trenching to send the lines from the grid to the facility. While this is best achieved before construction is completed, we have the experience to install upgrades after the fact.

Buried Infrastructure
There are several reasons to bury electrical infrastructure during a construction project. For new subdivisions, tree-lined streets are much more appealing than power lines. Overhead wires will get in the way of cranes at industrial plants. And underground utility vaults are better protected against the elements and the occasional human accident.

Of course, burying electrical utility years after a facility or plant has been constructed is a different matter. Trenching after the fact is always a possibility, even if there are several yards of driveway or other concrete hardscapes to deal with.

Work with Experienced Professionals
Prairie Electric has been working with prefabricated and automated panels, interior and exterior wiring, and other residential, commercial, and industrial applications for more than 35 years. With more than 300 journeymen, apprentices, engineers, and designers, we have the resources to work on almost any project in a timely manner.

Interested in learning more about what we offer, either with prefabrications, design, or other services? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us–we look forward to seeing how we can help. No job is too big or too small and every client receives the same attention to detail, stellar customer service, and quality craftsmanship.

Lighting Layout
Planning exterior lights at your new home, apartments, or subdivision is another of our new construction electrical services. Lighting can be ornamental, designed for safety and security, or needed for code, we can help you pick out the right fixture, bulbs, and spacing for your lights. This includes exterior signage, lights along pathways or sidewalks, apartment parking lots, and street lighting.

Electric Car Chargers
As electric cars continue to grow in numbers, the ability to charge from home is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether it’s a single station at your home or a bank of spaces at an apartment complex, the electrical installation of chargers will make it more convenient for electric car owners to top off their batteries.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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