LEED Energy Saving Solutions

Go green, save green—explore LEED-certified energy solutions for your space.

Looking to LEED-certify your building? LEED practices greatly reduce the carbon footprint left by your home or business and save you money on energy costs over time. At Prairie Electric, we are extensively-trained in LEED certification, creating sustainable architecture that serves property owners and the environment. Our staff is fully prepared to help you update your building to meet these industry standards.

The following are energy-efficient LEED practices that could benefit your property:

Daylight Harvesting

Delicious daylight! Collecting available sunlight involves a simple concept. When there are sufficient rays available, your lighting control system is programmed to dim, allowing natural light to bear the burden of lighting the room. Sensors can be used to balance the amount of electric light and daylight, depending on your preferences.

This practice of using smart lighting saves energy while maintaining a consistent level in the room. When installed correctly, you barely notice the shift from bulbs to sun (or vice versa) and can accomplish your tasks without flipping switches.

Occupancy Sensors

Why light a room when no one is in it? Occupancy sensors provide the light you need when rooms are occupied and automatically switch off when rooms are vacant. Similar to daylight harvesting, this LEED practice takes the mental effort out of saving energy. See a pattern here?

Fluorescent and LED Light Fixtures

Fluorescent lighting has consistently “flunked out” among American homeowners, according to Blaine Harden of the Washington Post. However, newer bulbs “pay for themselves in reduced power consumption within six months. They last seven to 10 years longer than incandescent bulbs. The hum and flicker are long gone, and many bulbs are designed to mimic the soothing, yellowish warmth of incandescent bulbs.”

LED and fluorescent light fixtures alike offer long life and are extremely efficient when applied properly. Prairie can help you choose fixtures that are both appealing in your current environment and highly efficient, balancing aesthetics with practicality.

High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.)

Combining bi-level switching control with occupancy sensors creates a system that is usable to achieve energy savings in applications that will require H.I.D. lighting. These lamps offer more light per watt, longer life, and a compact point source similar to incandescent lighting, creating excellent optical control.


Dimmers are a joy to homeowners who wish to vary the ambiance in a room depending on current activities. If you want to lower the lights for dinner and then raise them to play cards, for instance, dimmers are a great, green option. Dimming your lights will help you save energy and extend the life of both halogen and incandescent lamps. Long-lasting bulbs result in fewer trips to landfills and reduced environmental waste overall, a LEED necessity.

Recent LEED Installations

Here at Prairie, we always back up our claims with real-world evidence. We have helped to LEED certify the following new buildings from the ground up:

If you own a business or home and have your eye on the energy-saving horizon, contact us today to discuss LEED upgrades that can raise the energy integrity of your business and save you cash!

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