Prairie Electric Transforms the Beauty Box Spa!

See how we electrified Beauty Box Spa’s transformation into luxury.

Our Prairie Electric team is always excited to work on commercial projects that incorporate both wiring and lighting design. Our Lighting Design department is highly skilled at assessing new spaces and blending business owners’ desires with architectural practicality to create stunning settings for your clients and customers.

Beauty Box Spa was one such project – we loved working with the owners to create a luxurious locale for their services. This business provides hair styling, nail application, and esthetics services, all with a fun, “outside the box” approach. The owners pride themselves on using up-cycled and recycled materials to decorate the space.


When we started working with Beauty Box, the setting was raw, a mere shell of what was to come. Besides starting 100% from scratch, we were working with the strict energy code of the City of Vancouver, which limits the amount of lighting that can be installed in a single space.

To meet this challenge and provide an energy-efficient boost for the client, we utilized LED lighting. LEDs provide exceptional service over traditional lighting for the following reasons:

  • Long life: LED bulbs and diodes are expected to last up to 100,000 hours, which equals 22 year at 50% operation or 11 years of continuous use. Because LEDs don’t burn out the same way that standard lighting does, and emit a lower output level over a long period of time, they last and last, a boon for business owners as well as homeowners.

  • Energy efficiency: LED’s provide the most efficient lighting available today. Their energy efficiency weighs in at 80-90% of traditional lighting, meaning that 80% of the electrical energy that passes through these bulbs converts into light. The remaining 20% is converted into heat, compared with incandescent lighting, in which 80% of the energy converts into heat instead of light.

  • Design flexibility: LED lighting can be combined into various shapes to create efficient – and stylish – solutions. Dynamic control of lighting is possible due to the dimming potential of each individual LED. If you’re intention is to set a mood, creating a particular aesthetic for your space, LEDs are an excellent choice.

Combining our electrical and lighting design teams, we were able to match the client’s desired aesthetic and produce an elegant space for a very happy client.

We were honored to work on the Beauty Box Spa and thank the whole team. Looking for inspired lighting design in your commercial or residential space? We’re here for you. Contact Prairie Electric today!

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