In over 40 years in business, Prairie Electric has grown to be one of the most trusted electrical contractors in Portland and Vancouver for utility services.
Our large inventory of electrical equipment and machinery puts us in the position to handle a variety of projects. We provide utility excavating, traffic signal control installation, and more.
Utility and Transportation Electricians

We can provide solutions for many traffic signal projects including installations and retrofits, school zone flashing beacons, ramp meter monitoring, and highway and street lighting. 

Our underground utility expertise allows us to provide turnkey utility design & installation of transformers and high voltage underground wiring, dry utility coordination, and horizontal directional drilling.

Electrical Excavating
Many jurisdictional codes require power lines to be buried for easier access or safety reasons. Not too mention the aesthetically pleasing sight of no power lines overhead. Prairie Electric can meet these requirements, both in new construction and as retrofits.

High Voltage Contractors
Although utilities may be responsible for bringing the grid to your property, you might consider using an experienced electrical contractor to finish the job.

Street Lighting
From excavation, setting buried electrical vaults, running wire, and final construction and installation. For new subdivisions, we’ll follow all necessary codes and jurisdictional specifications to ensure maximum efficiency and coverage.

Traffic Signal Contractor
Our electrical experts can install any number of signs. From on-ramp meter signals to school zone beacons, Prairie Electric has the tools and expertise to get it installed.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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