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Celebrating excellence—Prairie Electric honored by the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Prairie Electric – Top Projects Subcontractor of 2018

It is award season for Prairie Electric. Sure, it is not the Grammy Awards or the Golden Globes, but each award and recognition that we receive truly means the world to us and is just as important.  Prairie Electric is proud to share that we were recently recognized as the 2018 Daily Journal of Commerce TopProjects Subcontractor of the Year.

For the TopProjects awards, there were more than 90 finalists named in the competition, which included projects in Washington and Oregon. Projects included several categories such as public buildings, private buildings, infrastructure, renovation, and transportation and were evaluated closely by a panel of building industry professionals.  Out of the submitting companies, we were named as the Subcontractor of the Year.

We are proud to share that we worked on these TopProjects in the last year:

  • Columbia Precast Products Headquarters
  • Hampton Inn Pearl
  • Faubion School + Concordia University
  • Hockinson Middle School
  • Maletis Beverage
  • Sovereign Hotel Building
  • T-6 Marine Reserve Site Expansion

At Prairie Electric, we are committed to finishing each job with attention to detail and superior quality of workmanship.  This award demonstrates our excellence in not just completing each job to the best of our ability on time and on budget, but it also showcases our dedication to personalized customer service, no matter how big or small the job is. Our goal is to listen to each customer and their unique project needs so we can leave the project knowing we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

If you’re looking for reliable electricians to work on your home, business, or industrial space, we can help. Our team has decades of hands-on industry expertise, which means you can trust that we know what to do and will do the job well the first time.  Contact us for information on your business or residential project!

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