Prairie Electric Team Helps Launch Country Cat at PDX Airport

See our work at Country Cat’s PDX launch.

Country Cat is known in Portland as a delicious hot spot for cinnamon spoon bread and crispy fried chicken. Open for dinner and offering a welcoming bar, this restaurant has quickly become a favorite for anyone seeking succulent American fare.

Last month, our team at Prairie Electric was thrilled to bid for, and win, the job of installing the electrical wiring for Country Cat’s PDX Airport location. Mark Smithline, one of our electricians, explains that the job was a big one for Prairie Electric due to its location, serving customers from around the country flying in and out of Portland.

Working consistently from October through March, our electricians had a great time preparing this exquisite restaurant for opening.

Overcoming Spatial Challenges

Like any large project, this endeavor was not without challenges. Our team provided lighting and power to the restaurant, installing all the panels and devices. Due to the project’s location, our electricians worked hard to find space for all of the necessary equipment. We focused our efforts on making the most of small spaces.

Like other large-scale projects, Country Cat PDX required many types of contractors, all working together to create the best possible outcome. Prairie electricians joined forces with plumbers, architects, and carpenters to get the job done. Our team worked side-by-side, sharing their work space with experts in other fields. “We coordinated with the general contractor, R & H Construction, and other trades to make sure everything was in its proper place.” Adaptability and expert teamwork are some of the hallmarks of our electrical team, serving them well on this project and earning high marks from the business owner and general contractor.

Mark and his crew were thrilled with the process – and the results. “This was an exciting job. We’re looking forward to more potential work at the airport.”

Want to Work on Big Projects Like These?

Prairie Electric frequently undertakes jobs that shape the local community. From mixed-use spaces to fiber optic installations in new neighborhoods, our team works on the cutting edge of Pacific Northwest development. We enjoy digging our teeth into projects that make a difference.

If you are looking to work with a group of individuals that are passionate about what they do and strive for excellence (while having a great time!), look no further than Prairie Electric. Review our career opportunities to see if one of these positions could be right for you.

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