Prairie Team Works with Tiny Heirloom, Now on HGTV!

Explore our collaboration with Tiny Heirloom featured on HGTV.

Who doesn’t love hearing about the tiny home phenomenon? These compact, eco-friendly homes, so popular in Portland, Oregon and with eco-conscious, travel-loving individuals worldwide, are featuring heavily in the media lately, from Netflix documentaries to the new show, Tiny Luxury.

The show focuses on the Portland-based company, Tiny Heirloom, who devote their creative and architectural talents to building luxury tiny homes. We were particularly excited about this show because our team has an ongoing relationship with Tiny Heirloom. We have fully wired seven of their luxury homes, an undertaking that has changed our perceptions of what makes a home a home.

Tiny Challenges

Let’s state the obvious: tiny homes are small. However, they require the same amount of wiring as a standard-sized home. For this reason, creating an electrical layout and properly-fitted panel was a challenge we were happy to take on. Our crew worked hard to accommodate each given space, including all of the crawl spaces, nooks, and crannies that make tiny homes so charming.

Tiny home wiring utilizes the same electrical structure as any other home, but on a smaller scale. 12-gauge wire is used throughout. However, the panels that we created to accommodate this wiring needed to be housed in creative ways, in panel boxes built within the overall layout.

Individuals who live in tiny homes have the same circuit breakers as “normal” homeowners, and the same electrical safety tips apply. However, those living in these spaces need to be extra cognizant of keeping their wiring contained, so as to avoid safety hazards that could lead to fires and electrocution.

Why Tiny Homes?

Part of what we valued about the process of wiring each home is that, while getting familiar with each corner of these small spaces, we began to understand the appeal of tiny living. Sure, people need to get rid of clutter to adjust to living in a reduced space. Yes, residing in close quarters with others requires adjustment. However, the financial and ecological benefits of tiny home living inspire a new, simple way of existing that values time and financial freedom over multiple possessions.

Tyson and the Tiny Heirloom team were incredibly helpful and accommodating, and we are grateful to have been involved.

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