Facts About Electricians

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Electricians have a very important job in the world and without them, the world would be dim. Here are some facts about electricians that you might not know.

Fact #1: Electricians see a variety of work.

No two jobs look the same for an electrician. Depending on the place or the specific job, an electrician may be outside in the dirt, inside an industrial plant, in a residential home, or wiring a new school building. Electrical work is very diverse, and they also get to see the whole scope of the job. For example, a commercial electrician on a new job sees the project from an empty dirt lot until the final stages when the last lights are turned on. Other trades may only be onsite for one task, then leave to the next project.

Fact #2: They are trained to use a lot of different tools.An electrician installing new wiring in a residential new home

If you love tools and various types of gear, you may be interested in going into the electric field. Electricians are experienced in using many different hand tools including cordless tools, benders, cutters, scissor lifts, excavators, and more.   

Fact #3: Technology is embraced in the electrical field.

The world of technology is always changing and evolving, and the electrical field is no different. Electricians use technological advances to do their job better, whether it’s through BIM coordination, laser measuring, or something else.

Fact #4: It is not an overly physically demanding job.

Compared to many other hands-on trade jobs, working as an electrician is not as physically demanding. While there may be a lot of standing, bending, and climbing to various places to do a specific project, the job is not so physically demanding that the body starts breaking down over time.

Fact #5: Electricians have great job security.

The world is run on electricity, so no matter where you go, a qualified electrician will always be in demand.   

Fact #6: There are paid apprenticeships available.

Electricians have access to a variety of paid apprenticeship programs, including 4-year paid apprenticeships, where they attend classes at night and then gain hands-on experience through on the job paid training during the day.   

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