Comprehensive plans for residential & commercial backup generators

Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Prairie Electric provides everything you need to keep your generator prepared for a power outage. We can come out to your home in Vancouver, Portland, Ridgefield, Tri-Cities, or any other nearby location.

We are a certified Kohler Installation and Service Dealer, equipped to handle anything related to your backup generator. Our electricians provide comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Even though we specialize in Kohler generators, since those are the generators we recommend and install, we can repair or provide maintenance on any brand and model. Our electricians have the expertise to handle anything related to backup power in Washington and Oregon.

We offer a wide variety of customized power solutions, too — everything from single-family homes to entire manufacturing facilities. While your neighbors are checking your local public utility district (PUD) power outages map, you’ll still be up and running.

Looking to install a Kohler generator for your home or business? Learn more about our generator installation services or get in touch.

Maintenance is Essential for Continuous Power

Generator maintenance allows homeowners more self-sufficiency and preparation in the event of outages. Like other essential elements of your home, regular maintenance is vital to ensure that you are always prepared during an electrical emergency.

Rest assured that when Prairie Electric installs a new generator at your home, you will have all the information you need regarding maintenance and repairs. We want you to have the confidence that you won’t be without power when that inevitable power outage hits your home or business.

Expert Residential Generator Installation
With decades of experience in backup generator installation, repair, and maintenance, Prairie Electric is your go-to expert. We can provide you with tailored solutions that take into account your power needs, the state of your utility power system, and the critical systems that must remain online. Our expert electricians also take into consideration factors such as generator location and noise, exhaust, and distance from the utility panel.

In short, when it comes to generator installation, we make sure every moving part is considered in order to ensure a smooth and effective process. And with new technologies, many newer generator models feature remote access, data and performance accessibility, and transfer switches that automatically move to backup power when the electricity cuts out.

Let our team give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to reliable backup power.

All Fuel Sources
We can set you up with backup power no matter the fuel source for your generator (natural gas, gas, diesel, propane). Prairie Electric is flexible with our products and services; due to our size, expertise, range of services, and multiple locations in Washington and Oregon, we’ve got you covered.

The Proof Is In Our Results
From Vancouver to the Tri-Cities, we make the Pacific Northwest move with the flip of a switch. It’s our passion — and we’re happy that you’re considering Prairie Electric as your generator installation and maintenance provider.

So no matter where or when you live in our service area — if, say, there’s a Pasco power outage today, a Kennewick power outage tomorrow, or a power outage in Vancouver, WA five years from now — you’ll be covered.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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