How To Buy Electrical Panels

Master the art of choosing electrical panels like a pro.

In need of a new electrical panel? This is an important electrical device in any home or office.

All the circuits in your home feed into a central circuit breaker panel — also known as the fuse box (in older homes) or breaker box. These are oftentimes located in the basement, garage, or in a closet. They control various circuits in the space, or they might feed one large appliance or several different outlets.

If power needs to be turned off completely, it is done so via the electrical service panel. Individual breakers can also be turned off with the circuit breaker switches. Breaker panels are connected to your home’s electrical wiring and the electrical meter, which monitors energy use from your electrical system.

There are many types of circuit breakers, depending on the electrical needs of a particular space. Electricians can act as your defacto buying guide, so don’t hesitate to ask an expert!

Electrical panels can be purchased online or at any chain home improvement store (such as Lowe’s or Home Depot) or local hardware supply store. If you don’t have experience with electrical panels, it’s best to have an expert electrician install them for you. Contact Prairie Electric with any questions.

How do you know what type of electrical panel you need?

First, you should know what type of panels are out there for purchase.

Here are some of the main options.

Main breaker panels: These are built in and can be used to shut off power to your home or office building.

Subpanels: These are separate breaker panels that have new circuits. These are especially useful when an existing breaker panel doesn’t have enough space to add new circuits. They allow more power to come through to the home or office, but do not increase the total amount of power that is fed into the space.

Transfer switches: This is a type of subpanel that converts portable generator power into electrical power through your main breaker panel. This is commonly used in areas where storms happen, and a backup power source is needed. The generator can be wired to a home’s breaker panel. This allows for a seamless switch to backup power if the electricity goes out.

Does your home or office have an old electrical panel that is at least 15 to 20 years old? There’s a good chance that it will need to be replaced by an experienced professional.

If you are unsure about what type of panel is best for your specific space, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team of electricians at Prairie Electric. We’re glad to take a look at your existing electrical panel. We’ll offer advice on what options are best for replacement.

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