How does a circuit breaker protect appliances?

Watch out appliances! Learn how circuit breakers keep your kitchen favorites safe.

Appliances are big investments and can last you many years if they are properly cared for. Not only should you follow the manufacturer guidelines to ensure you are using your appliances the way they were designed, but you should also take note of how your overall electricity system plays a role in the functionality of your appliances. Did you know that the circuit breaker in your home will help keep your appliances protected? Here’s how.

Sometimes appliances can be faulty, especially if they are old and inefficient. If this is the case, or if the appliance is damaged, too much electrical current could flow through it, which could cause sparks, fires, and total equipment malfunction. This is where your circuit breaker steps in.

Circuit breakers have detection systems built into them that will monitor the level of current that flows through it. If there is an imbalance between live and neutral electricity, it will distinguish that and cause the breaker to trip and shut off.

In addition, if there is a set maximum of current on the appliance and the circuit breaker senses an overflow, it will trip. This functionality is incredibly important, because if unusually high current is flowing through the appliance, it can cause heat or electrocution, which could start a fire or cause physical damage to people nearby.

When the circuit breaker trips and turns off, it can shut off power to the appliance. This not only protects your home from damage, but it also protects the appliance itself. For example, if there is something faulty happening and the breaker detects an irregularity in electrical flow, it could cause certain parts of your appliances from overheating, such as the motor. This could end up saving you big money on appliance replacement.

When circuit breakers and fuses work together to protect the wiring in your home, including those that provide power to your appliances, your home will be safer. It is very important to understand the basics of how circuit breakers operate so you can keep your home, your appliances, and your family protected.

For your safety, you should never ignore issues with your residential electrical system. Our team at Prairie Electric can help answer any questions you have about how your circuit breaker works or other questions you might have about the electrical system in your home. Contact us today!

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