How to Troubleshoot Your Electric Range

Cook up solutions to common issues with your electric range.

Something’s not right. You’re ready to cook, but your electric range has other plans. Don’t panic – while it may be necessary for you to call Prairie Electric if issues persist, you can troubleshoot on your own first and perhaps remedy the problem with a few simple steps.

A note about safety: troubleshooting before scheduling a service call can be incredibly useful, saving you money and time. However, never even consider any step that puts you in contact with frayed wiring, overheated or burnt outlets, or the inner workings of your appliance. If in doubt, contact our team immediately. Your safety is most important.

Consider the following:

  1. Has the home breaker flipped? Check your breaker or fuse box to see if flipping the switch off and then on again causes the range to regain function. This simple check can save you hours of frustration, and applies to any situation in which an electrical appliance stops working without apparent cause.

  2. Check the plug-ins. Is the range power cord securely plugged into the outlet? Note: ranges consume too much electricity to run through extension cords. Check to be sure this cord is plugged snugly into a wall outlet.

  3. Is the power cord in good shape? If wires are visible through the rubber or sharp crimps where the cord has worn down, this could be causing the problem. Call Prairie if you can see any exposed wires, to prevent electrocution and other serious issues.

  4. Survey the whole unit. Are your fuses smoking, burnt, or otherwise worn down? If wires are merely loose, wrap them around the screw terminal and secure by tightening. If you see corrosion, gently clean the terminal with a wire brush and reconnect the wires. Note that any damaged wiring requires professional assessment and likely replacement.

  5. Are the other burners working? Turn all units off and compare to see if the problem is just one burner or more. Sometimes just tightening the connections can make your range functional once again.

  6. Bulbs needed. If the burners warm up but the indicator light remains off, you will need to replace the bulbs.

Your electrical range can work for years without issue. However, when problems come up, you need effective solutions. Our experienced technicians are ready to help. While we encourage you to troubleshoot using the above tips, your safety is our number one concern.

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