Kohler Generators Are Essential In Any Season

Stay powered through any storm by discovering why Kohler generators are a must.

Storms or utility failures can strike at any time and devastate your power supply in seconds. Whether its winter or summer, a loss of power can make living in your home physically uncomfortable, due to extremes in temperature, and limit your ability to see and perform basic activities after dark. In addition, power that is down for even a few hours can cause the contents of your refrigerator to turn and inhibit the function of important household technologies, like your sump pump (particularly necessary during storms).

So what are your options? Here at Prairie Electric, we only recommend the best, most energy-efficient solutions to your energy problems. Kohler 8.5 Res Generators are in high demand and can provide your home with the power you need, as soon as you need it. A few benefits of this generator include:

Consistent Power

A commercial-grade engine is built into each of these generators, one that can withstand large workloads for years to come.

Immediate Service

Once installed, your Kohler generator can restore power to your AC or heat, appliances, and electronics in 10 seconds.


If you’re unsure about your repair coverage, fear not. Kohler covers all of its generators with a 5-year, 2000-hour protection. The generator itself is encased in steel to guard against the elements and preserve your investment.


One of the most disappointing effects of a power outage is damage to your electronics, even after the power comes back on. Our premium power quality provides excelent digital voltage and regulation of frequency in addition to low levels of harmonic distortion to protect sensitive electronics.

Easy to Install. Easy on the Wallet

With our steel enclosure, simple terminal block, and built-in mounting pad, the structure is inexpensive and installation is simple.

Why Kohler?

We all know that having a generator in case of disaster – or inconvenience – is a good idea. However, what sets Kohler’s 8.5 Res Generators apart?

This model includes PowerBoost™ technology enough power to maintain power to other appliances and sources while starting large loads. The Kohler Command PRO® engine has been tested for commercial applications (and passed with flying colors). Hydraulic valve lifters eliminate the need for expensive valve adjustments and difficult break-in periods. This generator is built to work hard . . . and last.

If your goal is to save your home from the stress and potential electronics damage that can follow a power outage, look no further than Kohler Generators. With an engine equipped to handle large startup loads while sustaining your appliances and a warranty that won’t leave you hanging, Kohler Generators have what it takes to protect your home’s power supply. Interested? Call Prairie Electric today!

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