Lights Flicker When Dryer Starts

Escape the haunted house vibe and find out why your lights flicker when your dryer starts and learn simple solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Do your lights flicker when the dryer starts? Generally speaking, do you have lights at home that flicker regularly? Do you notice that they especially flicker when your dryer or other large appliance, such as an air conditioner, turns on?

If this happens, it is important to determine why, so you can avoid a potentially dangerous electrical issue.

While the cause of flickering lights may not be that complicated, it is indicating that there is something happening with the electrical system.

Here are some things to consider as possible reasons for why the lights flicker when the dryer starts. These are associated with your home itself and not the broader power grid of which it is a part. Consult your local power supplier for info on the possibility of widespread outages or problems.

Electrical overload

The electronics, appliances, and lights in your home may be drawing too much current. If this happens, you may notice flickering.

If the dryer is new, your home may not be able to handle the power load. An appliance that is drawing too much current to one location could cause a voltage fluctuation and cause lights to flicker when you turn on appliances.

Or perhaps your appliances may not be grouped correctly on the proper circuits. A professional electrician will be able to take a close look at the wiring (any loose connections or loose wiring?), circuits, and electrical panels (circuit breaker) to determine if this is the issue.

Loose or incorrect light bulbs

Flickering lights may also be a simple fix with just one loose light bulb or with a bulb that is not compatible with the socket or light fixture. Tighten and swap the bulbs out to see if that fixes the problem.

Loose outlet connections

A loose outlet connection can often cause flickering lights. However, this is not something that you should attempt to diagnose or fix yourself. When it comes to working with wires in your home, you should leave this only to a licensed electrician, as it can be very dangerous.

If the wiring in your home is wired properly, flickering should hardly ever happen. So, if you notice regular issues with flickering lights — especially when you use an appliance — discontinue its use and call the professionals at Prairie Electric.

Ignoring flickering issues could be a hazard that leads to house fires, hazards, or other dangers to your home, especially an older home, and the people inside of it. You can trust our team to diagnose and repair your electrical issues quickly. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled.

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