Secure Your Home with Lighting

Protect your home with strategic lighting solutions.

Your first priority is to keep your home safe. That includes safety from fire, flood, and robbery/forced entry.

Security lighting is an essential part of any home security system. Bright lights reveal intruders, draw attention to their location, and can wake homeowners from deep sleep to respond before damage is done. Discovering what is available can empower you to defend your property effectively, using the latest designs that can also provide a stylish boost to your home’s landscaping style and appearance.

By strategically placing outdoor lighting on and around your house, you can deter potential intruders. Criminals wish to remain anonymous and will avoid properties that are well-lit and appear to be protected by any type of alarm system. Consider the following lighting types for extra protection:

All-Night Lighting

With constant lighting, there’s no need to worry about whether an “un-lit” time of day will give an intruder a reason to trespass. All-day, all-night lighting is great for those dark and cloudy winter afternoons and can also be programmed to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, using a light-sensitive photocell.

The down side? All-night or all-day lighting uses the most energy of all security lighting types and can significantly increase your utility bill. Implementing solar energy lighting to power all or some of these lights can greatly cut waste and dollars spent.

Motion-Activated Lighting

This type of lighting turns on when someone passes by and “activates” a motion sensor. Its sudden nature can deter anyone approaching with mal-intent. For best results, contact Prairie Electric to help you install this lighting in the right place so that it activates properly when triggered.

Hi/Low Combination Lighting

Using a low intensity light throughout that brightens when someone passes by can be an excellent intruder-deflection method. This type of installation saves you money while providing full illumination for maximum protection.

Landscape Lighting

On the subtler end of the spectrum, landscape lighting can discourage intruders and provide a safe approach for guests arriving at your home after dark. Look for areas where bushes or overgrown foliage could provide concealment for someone approaching your home. With strategic placement of lighting, you can illuminate those hidden areas and keep them intruder-free.

Whether you’re looking to protect your residence or commercial property, consider security lighting an essential part of your plan. Be sure to call Prairie with all of your security-related questions. We’ve got answers!

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