Service Call Files: New Hot Tub, Need an Electrician

Dive into relaxation by getting your new hot tub wired safely.

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased one of the Western world’s great pleasures: a hot tub. However, perhaps to your surprise, you need an electrician to help you install it. Why?

Hot tubs require a complex network of wires in order to function. While it is possible to install a hot tub yourself, we do not advise it. In addition to the complicated installation process, electrocution could occur if wires are inserted improperly and come into contact with water.

The following steps must be followed to ensure proper hot tub installation and should be conducted by an electrician with experience:

  • Service Panel Check-Up: In order for your hot tub to run safely and efficiently, your electrician will first check your service panel to see if there are enough open slots to allow for sufficient amp capacity.
  • Wire protection: An experienced electrician understands how to protect wires, especially if they will be run through your basement, crawl space, or underground. A PVC or metal conduit is most often used, but only someone with an advanced knowledge of hot tub wiring will know the best fit for your individual setup.

  • Hot tub placement: Proper placement of your hot tub helps to prevent accidents and possible electrocution. For your safety, electrical devices, wall switches, and other receptacles must be located five feet away from the hot tub. In addition, electrical lighting and/ or receptacles located 12 feet or less above the tub or within a five foot horizontal radius will require GFCI protection.

  • GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors, or GFCIs, cut off the power to the hot tub in the event of a power surge, protecting your circuit breaker and preventing home fires.  Expert electricians know the proper way to install these essential components so that they work effectively and prevent damage to your property.

  • Installation Code: Depending on where you live, there may be town-related requirements for bonding metallic components, both in and outside your hot tub. Check your town’s requirements before beginning any hot tub installation project.

Installing a hot tub is not easy. If you have never worked with the wiring in your home, getting started and completing the project can be difficult and even dangerous. To ensure that your installation is completed in a safe and sustainable manner, contact an electrician with years of experience in hot tub installation. Our team at Prairie Electric is happy to help you!

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