The Best Home Theater on the Market

Transform movie night and build your dream home theater setup.

The best Home Theaters on the MarketDo you love movies and love to be connected to all of the latest releases and shows all of the time? Do you want a home theater system that is built to impress?

Why not have a theater system that will allow you to sit back and enjoy some of your favorite shows, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and drama? Whether it’s a basic system or the ultimate experience in surround sound, Prairie Electric is fully trained and equipped to install a home theater system that will knock your socks off.

Basic Home Theater:

This home theater system is affordable and provides high quality audio, making it a great way to experience entertainment at home. These systems blend into your home walls and ceilings, so they don’t stand out or look bulky. Amplified surround sound 5.1 speakers for realistic audio and a high-power amplified subwoofer mean you can sit back and enjoy the show with exceptional sound effects and deep tones that will make your movie-watching experience out of this world.

Premium Home Theater:

Want to take your basic home theater system up a level? The premium home theater system will allow you to surround yourself in sound from the front, sides, and rear, making you feel like you are a direct part of the action. High-powered subwoofers deliver clear low frequencies at loud volumes, so you can capture the whole range of sights and sounds.

Ultimate Home Theater:

Looking for lifelike and dramatic sounds that will allow you to make your movie experience stunning and unforgettable? These systems feature 7.1 surround sound speakers, high powered and amplified subwoofers with the digital modulator option that allows you to watch movies in multiple rooms. This ultimate home theater system will allow you to immerse yourself in an audio performance that will leave you speechless.

An Incredible Hi Fi System

At Prairie Electric, we are proud to install the Sonos HiFi system, one that unites your digital sound options, including those for music and movies/shows, into a single app. This app can be controlled wirelessly from any of your electronic devices, so you have complete freedom to enjoy an incredible audio experience, whether you’re playing video games, watching a movie, or enjoying a dance party of one to Prince’s Raspberry Beret.

Whether you’re seeking a simple home theater or an unbelievable system that will take your entertainment experience up a notch – Prairie Electric is ready to get your system up and running so you can dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy the show with just a simple touch of a remote control.

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