Residential Underground Electrical Service

In older neighborhoods, it’s not unusual to see power lines overhead, following the streets as individual lines branch off to homes. Today, those power lines are required to be buried following specific guidelines. Not only is it safer (downed power lines can wreak all kinds of havoc) it also provides for a more aesthetically pleasing community.

Underground Electrical Services

Before construction begins on a new neighborhood or subdivision, Prairie Electric will tie into the existing power grid and provide temporary power to the site. We trench for the lines, excavate for underground utility vaults, erect temporary structures for the meter, and other preliminary steps.

This ensures you’ll have the power you need to begin construction. Our electricians will work with your general contractors to plan above-ground transformers, where the panels will be located in the houses, and how the wires will enter the home. Contractors love working with Prairie Electric because we meet our deadlines and keep them on schedule.

Existing Infrastructure

Looking to move overhead power lines? Prairie Electric has the ability to trench without ripping up the parking strips or the front yards of homes. Our horizontal directional drilling and vertical boring machines need limited access to perform underground trench quickly and safely. We also transfer the lines from power poles and move them underground.

This means we can reach underneath roads, driveways, sidewalks, and more. This eliminates right angles that are difficult to contend with and makes for easier underground installations. No longer will you have to cut through concrete to get the job done.

Residential/Commercial Design Build Electricians

Whether it’s planning a new subdivision, a four-plex, or a row of apartments, the Prairie Electric Design-Build team will work with you to design a robust, versatile, safe, and adaptable power system for your structure. This allows all interested parties to bring up any potential pain points and provide solutions before work begins.

Electrical Residential Repair
Where the power comes from the street into your home, the panel is responsible for handling all of the power loads in your home. A series of circuit breakers are placed in the electrical panel, usually rated for 15 or 20 amps.
We like to place panels in out-of-the-way but easy-to-reach areas but work closely with the construction project manager for optimal placement. We’ll make sure your new home has the proper power going to all of the appliances, clearly marked, and leave room for future expansion (shop, sauna, hot tub, etc.).

Utility Meter Base
Utility meter bases enable accurate and efficient measurement of energy usage. Our new construction electricians will work with utility companies to ensure that the meter base is properly installed and connected. They will also make sure that the meter base is compatible with the building’s electrical service and that it meets all safety requirements. Additionally, they will install the electrical panels, breakers, and other components necessary for the building’s energy supply.

Lighting Layout
For more than 35 years, Prairie Electric has been working on commercial, industrial, and manufacturing applications as well as residential electrical work. During that time, we’ve expanded our offerings, upgraded our technology, and grown to a workforce of more than 200 technicians, administrative staff, and customer service representatives.
We work on projects throughout the Northwest and no job is too big or too small. Whether you need to upgrade your facility, wire a new plant, or want to improve efficiencies, reach out to Prairie Electric to see how we can help.

Electric Car Chargers
Our expert technicians can install a charging station at your business quickly and efficiently, using their extensive knowledge of all types of electrical systems, including those used for electric cars.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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