Wiring Harnesses For Electric Vehicles

Buckle up! Explore the intricate world of wiring EVs for the road ahead.

You can see Prairie Electric’s work everywhere you go in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.

For more than 35 years, we’ve helped power the region across a wide range of projects: the Faubion School at Concordia University; the Columbia Precast Products headquarters; and The Canyons on North Williams Avenue in Portland — just to name a few.

Prairie works with both residential and commercial partners, as well as transportation and utility companies to provide world-class electrical services.

As the Pacific Northwest grows, so does Prairie Electric. So chances are you’ll continue to see our trucks and some of our 200-plus electricians out and about as we work on a variety of projects.

Prairie Electric

One of our most exciting endeavors, however, is less likely to be noticed — at first glance, anyway. That’s because it takes place under the hood, so to speak.

Increasing numbers of electric vehicles cruise our nation’s highways and byways. Thus, the market and infrastructure for these modern marvels are expanding.

Prairie’s skilled Manufacturing Team is on the cutting edge of electric vehicle technology.

More and more manufacturers are introducing electric vehicles into their fleets to help keep the nation’s businesses and economy rolling while reducing noise and greenhouse gas emissions. Prairie Electric builds wiring harnesses for these vehicles.

It’s just one of the many electrical services we provide for our clients.

Electric Vehicles and Wiring Harnesses

Wire harnesses are sets of electrical wiring, connectors, and terminals that relay information and power to the innumerable devices on a contemporary vehicle. Modern vehicles have thousands of connections, and Prairie has the tools, equipment, and know-how to fabricate these complex and fascinating harnesses.

While wiring harnesses themselves are not new, the demand for their fabrication is growing. That demand provides a glimpse into an electric vehicle future with applications across a wide range of industries — from commercial trucking and agriculture to aerospace and medicine.

For example, the trucking company Penske recently revealed that one of their electric trucks had already covered 10,000 miles.

As posted by the Associated Press, Penske Logistics “successfully logged more than 10,000 over-the-road miles making multiple, daily store deliveries on dedicated routes in Southern California for a leading quick-service restaurant chain using two, electric Freightliner Innovation Fleet Cascadias. The company believes it is the first truck fleet operator in the United States to achieve such a feat.”

Finally, as more and more nations come online, the need for wiring harnesses for electric vehicles will increase as well.

In fact, PR Newswire reports that the global automotive wiring harness market size should reach $77 billion by 2025.

The increase in demand for automotive wiring harnesses is being driven by four factors, PR Newswire says:

  1. Increased vehicle production
  2. The rising integration of electronic devices in vehicles
  3. The increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in developing regions
  4. Government incentives and tax benefits

Long story short: The demand for wiring harnesses for electric trucks and other vehicles is on the way up — way, way up!

And, as usual, Prairie Electric is at the forefront of this technological trend.

Contact Prairie Electric today with any questions.

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