Street Lighting and Right of Way Work

Letting kids stay outside after it gets dark for decades, street lighting also makes neighborhood streets, city boulevards, and interstate highways safer at night. During new construction of a subdivision, they are usually one of the first installations and can even help speed the project along.

Our decades of design and install experience ensures your lighting project will be done right, on time, and within your budget. Our design-build department will take your specifications/ideas and engineer the street lighting system best-suited for your needs. We’ve worked with both public and private enterprises.

Street Lighting Services

In addition to designing the lighting system of your choice, we also handle all of the work leading up to flipping the switch for the first time. From excavation, setting buried electrical vaults, running wire, and final construction and installation. For new subdivisions, we’ll follow all necessary codes and jurisdictional specifications to ensure maximum efficiency and coverage.

In addition to street lighting, we also design and install traffic signals, parking lot solutions, floodlights for parks, and other types of outdoor lighting. We can retrofit lights on existing structures, provide excavation when necessary, and even work areas that are already established.

We have the most efficient tools and our engineers work to find the simplest solutions to your problems. Prairie Electric crews are well-trained and prepped for any job. Whether you need to replace failing street lighting or bring new lighting into an older neighborhood, we’re ready to go.

We design and install on-ramp meter signals, pedestrian crossings, school zone flashing beacons, as well as video cameras for traffic monitoring applications. If it deals with traffic in any way, Prairie Electric will provide the solution safely. Not only for our crews but for passing motorists and pedestrians as well.

Partner With Professionals

As full-service commercial and residential electricians, safety is always a number one priority. We also have an OSHA-certified, full-time safety manager that double-checks our sites, conducts regular training, and follows other protocols to ensure a safe work environment for everyone involved.

Along with quality craftsmanship and a robust inventory of resources, Prairie Electric is the preferred electrical contractor in the Portland and Vancouver areas. We are looking forward to hearing how we can help at your job site.