Home Additions and Remodels

You love the architecture of your home, the location, and the feel of your neighborhood. And when you first bought the house, there was plenty of space. Add a couple of kids or a need to have an aging parent move in, and suddenly all of that room disappears. With the cost of housing on the rise, it makes sense to add square footage instead of leaving your home.

Home Additions and Remodels

Are you planning an addition to your home? No matter if it’s 200 square feet for a luxurious master bathroom or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) there’s a lot to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure local codes allow for additional living space.

There could be certain size restrictions or regulations if you’re thinking about transforming an existing space like an unfinished basement or attic for a rental/income property. Once those hurdles have been cleared, you can start designing your new space.

What kinds of appliances will be included? Electrical service for a water heater, laundry room, air conditioner, and others demand a good amount of power. You’ll need to make sure your new space has all of the electrical connections needed to run this equipment.

Electrical installation for residential additions

Prairie Electric will examine your current electrical panel to determine if there is enough room for the additional electrical load you’ll need. We can replace the service panel or circuit breakers if needed or add a sub-panel specifically for the new living space. That comes in handy If you’re planning on using the area for rental income.

We can also tie the new electrical wiring into the existing electrical panel if possible. This is actually a great time to take a closer look at the panel because the walls will be open during the remodel. Depending on the age of the current system, we can also make recommendations for the rest of the home.

Design-Build Electrical Contractors

Working closely with you and your general contractor, we’ll design a system that meets all of your needs as well as safety codes and regulations. We stay current on the latest trends and can make recommendations for new wiring. This includes making room for future expansion if needed.

Residential Remodels

Even if you’re not adding any square footage, a whole home remodel is an ideal time to rethink your electrical system. We can design a system for your home office to handle all of your power and internet needs, move outlets or switches, rewire for appliances, and rewire the entire home if needed.

Planning a home remodel or addition? Reach out to Prairie Electric today. We’ll make sure we understand what you want and design systems that check every box. With more than 200 electricians working for us, we’re ready to go to work when you are.

General contractors love working with us because of our high-quality electrical work, professionalism, and responsibility. We secure the necessary permits, stick to a schedule, and keep an open line of communication at all times. Our engineers, supply team, and field crews all work together to ensure the best possible results.