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Prairie Electric helps turn homes into smart homes by ensuring the electrical panel can handle an array of smart home devices.

Upgrade Your Home with Prairie Electric's Smart Home Solutions

Over the past decade, the number of technological innovations for your home has grown at an exponential rate. This goes beyond telling your smart speaker what kind of music to play. You can now see what’s in the refrigerator without opening the door, turn on the lights hundreds of miles away, and use smart thermostats that learn what we want when we want it.

A black Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with buttons for volume control, microphone mute, and action sits stylishly on a wooden surface, easily integrated into any electrical setup by a skilled electrician in Vancouver WA.
Person in a plaid shirt, possibly an electrician from Vancouver, installing a security camera on a textured wall.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Turning your home into a smart home goes beyond what kinds of appliances you buy or what assistant you have.

You’ll want to make sure your panel can handle the additional devices you’re using. Although your existing appliances are already accounted for, new systems will need their space, too. Need to boost the wi-fi in your home? We can wire your home to allow for more coverage. We’ll also make sure you have the surge protection you need.

Making the world move through the flip of a switch is our passion, and we want the opportunity to quote your next project.

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Whole-Home Hubs

There’s a good chance you already have a Siri, and Alexa, or a Google Home voice control virtual assistant. Estimates place these systems in more than 100 million homes throughout the U.S. They’re playing the music you want to hear, ordering your pizza delivery, or reminding you of upcoming appointments.

These systems are used for so much more, however. A total smart home is wired to use the technology and almost every aspect of the home is run through a hub. While they might not be able to make a PB&J for your kids, they can let you know if you need to buy more bread, peanut butter, or jam if you’re running low.

Smart Security Systems

Although Ring is the most recognizable brand, there are several doorbell systems that double as security cameras. You can see who’s at the door, what time they were at the door, and even speak to them whether you’re home or not.

In addition to seeing who’s at the front door, smart technology can be used to keep an eye around the rest of the home too. With door and window sensors, additional cameras, and a support staff that can alert the authorities, it all comes down to personal preference.

There are DIY systems that come with their own “command center” devices. But for more involved security, Prairie Electric installs advanced products, including monitors. Your smartphone will also be able to access all of the information as well depending on what kind of service plan you buy.

Energy Efficiency

Even though HVAC systems continually improve, smart home technology means they can actually start learning. They can remember when you turn the heat on and off and start adapting to your schedule. Leave for a week-long vacation and forget to turn off the heat? You can now do that from your phone.

Through home automation, you’ll be able to set times for smart lighting, bedroom fans, alarm systems, and more. Why use more power than you absolutely have to? With smart home installation, your home will take care of itself even when you forget to turn off a light switch when you leave for the day.

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