Utility Power, High Voltage Contractors

Prairie Electric will determine what your plant or facility needs, design the panels to handle the necessary panel, and provide needed maintenance down the road.

Over the last four decades, new business parks, subdivisions, and other closely connected structures have increased the need for electricity. This means more overhead and underground power lines, transformers, and other distribution systems around the county. During that time, technological advances have increased safety, although a broken tree branch can still shut down an entire zip code.

Although utilities may be responsible for bringing the grid to your property, you might consider using an experienced electrical contractor to finish the job.

Utility Line Electrical Contractors

For 35 years, Prairie Electric has been installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical power to new and established neighborhoods. Working with construction companies to bring power to new residential areas, shopping areas, or commercial properties, we are well versed in connecting high voltage lines to the established grid.

In addition to line construction and maintenance from city or county power to your facility, we can excavate and install underground electrical vaults, perform directional drilling, and set up substations if needed. We also install power for exterior lights, such as street lights, traffic lights, and pedestrian crosswalks.

In our corner of the United State, we see our fair share of winter storms passing through. And while utility companies will restore down power at the street, you’ll need a trusted electrician to bring power back to your production plant. We’ll get the lights back on as fast as possible so you and your crews can get back to work.

And we’ll do it safely. When it comes to trenching out for new buried infrastructure, we’ll make sure not to disturb any existing utilities that are nearby. Safety is a number one priority, and not checking before digging is one of the leading causes of injuries with this kind of work.

Depending on what you need the power for, there is a lot of energy coming through those power lines. We take measures to keep ourselves safe, your workers safe, and the general population safe. Whether it’s insulating high voltage areas in your building or taking the proper steps to disconnect existing overhead lines, we take all necessary precautions.

Work With Experienced Pros

Prairie Electric is a full-service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contracting company in the Greater Portland-Vancouver area. We have years of experience in both design-build electrical system construction services and maintenance services of existing power infrastructure. We do it all, from wiring a new master suite to building custom panels and automation solutions for manufacturing plants.

Are you a landowner or project manager that needs to bring power to an upcoming construction job? Please contact Prairie Electric with detailed information on your needs and requirements and we’ll design-build your project, from whole remodels to maintenance and repair of power lines at your facility.